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how to make a cat in the hat hat
Easy Cat In The Hat Preschool Craft Using Popsicle Sticks If you're looking for a simple Dr Seuss Cat In The Hat ideas then this Cat In the hat preschool craft may be a real winner. Using only a few resources the kids can really enjoy this fun Dr Seuss Craft idea and it...
cat in the hat dr seuss party food
Today we are sharing a tutorial, how to make Cat In The Hat Dr Seuss Party Treats. As you may have noticed we love to choose a book and find fun activity ideas based on stories we love. We are huge fans of Dr Seuss and here is one fun Cat In The Hat...
grinch party food ideas
Here Is An Easy Grinch Party Food Idea - Grinch Themed Celery Sticks Are you looking for fun and simple grinch food ideas? Then you've come to the right place. Today we have this super fun and easy Grinch Celery Sticks idea which I am sure you will love.
the lorax dr seuss cupcakes
Got a little one obsessed with Dr Seuss's The Lorax? These Lorax cupcakes are a must try! They're super easy to make too! These adorable party cupcakes will be fantastic for your Dr Seuss Party or world book day celebration. What Is The Lorax About?
green eggs and ham recipe
How To Make Green Eggs And Ham Have you ever wondered how to make green eggs and ham? Whilst some see this fantastic Dr Seuss book as a fun imaginative story, others see it as an opportunity to do things differently and that include making your very own green eggs and ham.
elephant cupcakes from dr seuss book
Horton Hears A Who Cupcakes Planning a themed birthday party for your little one obsessed with Dr Seuss's Horton Hears a Who? Got all the decor and snacks sorted? Why not take it up a notch with these surprisingly easy Horton Hears a Who Cupcakes? With just a handful of...
making dr seuss themed bark
I love Dr. Suess style books. One of my favorites is the "Put Me in the Zoo." Dr. Suess style books are filled with silly words and funny stories, but they are also chopped full of educational lessons. This Dr Seuss Zoo Bark treat is a super easy and you can do after reading the story! 
dr seuss craft the lorax paper plate craft
The Lorax is a classic Dr. Seuss book that teaches so many valuable lessons we couldn't teach any other way. If you are a Dr. Seuss lover like we are, this Lorax Paper Plate Craft goes perfectly with a lesson from Dr. Seuss himself.
the lorax craft for kids
I just love reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss especially when talking about Earth Day! Although it may be a little over my preschoolers head, it teaches lessons about our planet, consequences, and cause and effect. These are all skills little ones need to learn and build upon. This Lorax Truffula Trees Craft...
dr seuss slime reicpe
Dr Seuss Clear Slime Recipe Book inspired crafts are always a lot of fun, and that's because they aren't just a fun way to keep your little one busy and engaged in something creative, but it also inspires them to read more books and develop a love for them. And...
the lorax craft and reading resource made from wooden slices
Dr Seuss Lorax Craft and The Lorax Reading Resource Idea The Lorax is a fantastic children's rhyming book written by Dr Seuss. I have to admit, I did not discover this book until I was an early years teacher, however The Lorax has become one of my favourite children's books and I love the...
dr seuss sensory bin idea
Kids and adults alike love The Cat in the Hat. This Cat In The Hat Sensory Box is a great way for little ones to build comprehension skills after reading them the book. Using the sensory bin, children can: Use their senses and props to understand the storySort by colors, objects, and shapesUse the...
dr seuss cat in the hat craft idea for kids
Do you love The Cat In The Hat? Well I sure do and today I'm sharing this fun Cat in the hat craft and reading resource for kids. We have a number of wooden slice reading resources here on Craft Play Learn, including a Dr Seuss The Lorax Craft which is also pretty...

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