Earth Day Sudoku For Children

This Earth Day Sudoku is a great way to bring together learning how to solve this logic puzzle and the idea of celebrating Earth Day. This simple Earth Day Sudoku Puzzle is perfect for young kids who are learning to play.

Easy Sudoku For Children

This is an easy Sudoku for children. It is extremely easy to use this simple sudoku puzzle to teach kids how to play. To play Sudoku, kids will need to complete each row and column by adding in the picture that is not already shown. Kids will learn how to figure out which picture is missing and if it is already in the other rows and columns.

This puzzle is simple enough to use to teach kids sudoku but will also make kids think about how to solve this logic problem.

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Free Sudoku For Kids

It can be hard to find free Sudoku for kids. The puzzles are often much harder than this that is designed to be easy enough for kids to complete. This version, and the rest of my printable sudoku puzzles, are simple for kids to learn how the game is played.

Download Your Sudoku Printable Here

After you have downloaded the Sudoku printable, you will want to print it out for the kids to complete. You can laminate the sudoku puzzle so that kids can complete it again and again, or you can have the kids glue the pieces into place. If you choose to save the puzzle to reuse, store it in a folder. This will keep the sudoku puzzle from getting wrinkled between uses.

You can print all of the puzzles and make kids their own sudoku puzzle book. Save the puzzle pieces in a baggie and kids can complete the puzzles over and over again. If you prefer, you can print the pages again and again each time the kids want to try the puzzle again.

Here Are More Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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