Fun Loungewear Ideas

Loungewear has taken many forms over the last century, from the elegant peignoirs of the early twentieth century to the velvet co-ords of the 1970s and 1990s, with a penchant for underwear as outerwear. Fast forward to the present day, and everybody has seen a much more refined approach to loungewear emerge.

When done correctly, loungewear makes you feel comfy while looking refined. The central concept is easy comfort and effortless chic. Even if you’re wearing pajamas and baggy sweatpants, there’s a way to tackle it correctly so that you can step outside your house and carry off your outfit in style. Choose a custom leggings print or an oversized hoodie with a fun pattern, and enjoy your day. The best accessories can also add an element of interest. 

To give you an idea, “Google searches” for comfy clothes and items, like hoodies (13%) and sweatpants (26.5%) increased in the last two weeks of March 2020, immediately after the pandemic hit. And it has only grown even more since then. In 2022, loungewear is still highly fashionable, and you can find cozy pieces of clothing in any store. If you’re interested in getting some loungewear items, here are some fun ideas:

1. Colorful Button-Down Sets

Button-downs have quickly become everyone’s beloved basic, so why not match them with shorts or pants for a complete look? Button-down sets are very versatile, and you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching because you already have a comfy “suit.” If you’re feeling bold, pair the set with some fun, colorful sneakers or loafers. You can wear this at home, school, and club!

2. Fun Tracksuits

There was a time when you could only wear tracksuits for exercise. But not anymore! Tracksuits make you feel cozy even when you’re not home, all while looking fashionable.

Here’s how to pull off this look with a tracksuit. First, try wearing your tracksuit items individually. You are not required to wear the top and pants together at any time. 

Try combining the pants with a wool sweater, a bomber jacket, or a leather jacket. Ensure the women’s jogging pants are fitted and thinned at the leg. To achieve this look, try to stick to a single neutral or dark shade. If you’re feeling inspired, you can get some fun prints on your leggings, and you’ll undoubtedly stand out in any crowd.

3. Cashmere Hoodies

Loungewear should be nice and soft against the skin. Without question, you prefer natural fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, and silk. Not only do these fabrics provide comfort, but they also give your loungewear items a more sleek and classy look, which is ideal for outside.

A hoodie is something that almost everyone owns. So, when shopping for a hoodie for women, look for one made of high-quality materials such as cashmere. A cashmere hoodie will keep you warm while also making you look sophisticated. For the first time, wearing a hoodie will always make you feel trendy and cool!

4. Onesies

Adult onesies are the embodiment of feminine and comfortable loungewear. They not only make you feel nice and cozy, and snug, but when styled correctly, you can also wear them outside.

You can purchase onesies made of soft fabrics such as cotton or fleece for you and your friends. Imagine buying and customizing your onesies with your favorite artist for your entire group of friends. You could all have a fun party while being cozy and also stylish. 

5. T-shirts Made from High-quality Fabrics

Every contemporary loungewear wardrobe includes a basic t-shirt. The key to nailing the loungewear look outside the house is simplicity and high-quality materials. A cool customized design t-shirt will always be very versatile. Use reliable POD manufacturers when creating and ordering custom t shirts to get decent quality fabric. You can pair it with sweatpants, tracksuits, and leggings. Try some neutral colors with a couple of key details and color pops. Take out a simple short or long-sleeved tee from your closet.

You can pair it with sweatpants, tracksuits, and leggings. Try some neutral colors with a couple of key details and color pops. Take out a simple short or long-sleeved tee from your closet.

6. Simple Sweatshirts with Eye-Catching Details

When you don’t want to wear your hoodie, a simple crewneck sweatshirt will keep you warm. Consider a sweatshirt for men with or without tiny details. That gives your outfit a sharp appearance. You can also use vibrant colors that stand out. 

You can wear sweatshirts in any combination – with some neutral pants, over a cozy colorful dress, or under a cool leather jacket. Sweatshirts are also customizable. If you want your outfit to be different, even unique, try getting it printed with your favorite Van Gogh painting, a funny quote, or your dog pet.

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