4 Tips to Grow Teacher Instagram in the USA and Engage More Local Followers

The niche of education on social platforms is becoming increasingly popular. In 2023, teachers are going beyond the usual lifestyle, and they are also connecting to Instagram, because this is a great opportunity to find new students, demonstrate their skills and prove themselves as a true professional. The informal atmosphere at IG helps to increase the customer base and expand your business, but competition makes itself felt. 

There is nothing to do here without a powerful online promotion strategy; it is a serious challenge to stand out among competitors, not every teacher copes with this task and overtakes them. The best idea is that it is still possible and quite real.

 You need to understand that among the lessons and extracurricular activities, you’ll have to find time to create a strong page on IG. Fortunately, this process can be simplified and made as smooth as possible. In the article we’ll share 4 proven tips to engage new students for teachers in the USA. Keep your eyes open!

Grow Teacher Instagram

Make your BIO strong

The first thing that all visitors to your page pay attention to is a biography. Your nickname, description and main profile photo should suit your profession, general atmosphere and location. Here are a few rules of a strong biography :

As a nickname, choose your name or creative catchy alias. Start from your worldview – if you want to show your informal approach to learning, make the nickname as creative and unusual as possible. If traditional teaching is closer to you, a first or last name will be enough.

In the profile header, be sure to write what subject you teach, and in which state of America you’re located. If you’re an online teacher, write about it too. This way it will be much easier for users to find exactly what they need, depending on the location and subject of study.

The main image of the page is literally your face. Choose your best photo and install it. It’s great if you’re the only one in the photo, no other people and distractions.

The description gives you the opportunity to write several engaging sentences, use this! Write years you’ve been teaching, your teaching specifics and tell visitors what future students can expect from studying with you.

Add PR boost to your strategy

As we mentioned earlier, standing out is not an easy task. Many influencers spend a lot of time and effort to achieve success here. Thousands of other American teachers are also fighting for the attention of students here, and they will definitely not let you get bored. Fortunately, now there are many PR companies that help creators implement their plans and grow on the platform in 2 clicks.

If your goal is to attract as many new subscribers as possible (this is one of the first stages of promotion), start small – buying a boost: https://soclikes.com/buy-usa-instagram-followers . This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get as many loyal subscribers as you want. 

The benefit of this method is that you no longer have to pore over increasing the audience – they will inevitably start coming because of paid followers. Your statistics will skyrocket, and, accordingly, the popularity of the account, too. Now you aren’t at the end or in the middle, but at the beginning of the results for the query “Teacher in the USA”. Perfect!

Be active 

Being a teacher is difficult, we understand you. Constant checking of homework, extracurricular activities and inventing new formats takes a lot of time and effort. But if you decide to become famous here, you’ll have to be active online too – this is the golden rule of any influencer.

Regularly publishing content is just one of the tasks that you should always keep in mind. You can make this process a little easier by creating a content plan for a week or a month. Just a couple of hours of work on the plan will save you from these thoughts for a certain time.

Stay in touch with your colleagues, students and their parents. Regularly respond to all comments and check Direct so as not to miss something important. Support the creativity of your colleagues: like and comment on their posts, the more active you are, the better your online image. Give it at least 30 minutes a day, and you’ll see the result.

Use hashtags wisely

A good strategy is to use 7-10 hashtags in publications, they are like keywords that your potential students can use to find you. But you need to use them wisely: don’t add too “noisy” tags, the competition is super high here. Select a few less used tags (necessarily with your location) and add them. 

Be sure to alternate them, otherwise some of your publications will be marked as spam. We wish you success!

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