X Safety Signs Lesson Ideas for Kids

Safety signs are an important part of our daily life for making our lives safe in different ways like public areas, workplaces, transportation systems, etc. These signs give a clear and straightforward message that makes them people aware of the danger, guides them on what to do in an emergency, and shows a safe location.

Here we will discuss some basic types of safety signs and meanings for our children, in which places we can use them, and the ways of making the signs, especially for our children. In the end, we all get a better idea about safety signs and their necessity for maintaining safety in various uncertain situations for our children. 

Safety Signs Lesson Ideas for Kids
Safety Signs Lesson Ideas for Kids

Various Kinds of Signs

In public places such as offices, malls, hotels, industries, etc., we often see signs made with floor marking tape or stickers. Here we know about the names and meanings of these signs: 

Hand Washing Sign

The importance of hand washing is to prevent the spread of germs. We have to explain it to our children. Teach them about the hand washing sign in public washrooms. We must train our children to wash hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

No Swimming Sign

It means that it is dangerous to swim in any particular area. We have to explain the meaning of the “no swimming sign” to our children and train them not to enter the signed area for swimming.

Stop Sign

This is the safety of the symbol. We need to stop at intersections and crosswalks while walking on the road. We also have to look at both sides of the road before crossing. We should teach our children the meaning of a stop sign. 

Construction Zone Sign

It means staying away from the construction area. We must educate our children about “construction zone signs” and be aware of them to avoid hazards like uneven terrain, heavy machinery, falling debris, etc.

Electrical Hazard Sign

We must warn our children about the danger of electrical pieces of equipment. We have to teach them “electrical hazard sign” means not to touch exposed outlets or wires and that we all should stay away from them.

Fire Exit Sign

This sign indicates that if there is a fire in any building, then we have to leave the building through this exit sign immediately. We should train our children to follow the sign and to save them from fire.

Eye Protection Sign

Train our children about wearing eye protection during some individual work. Such as playing certain sports or using power tools. We have to educate them “eye protection sign” means we have to wear eye protection for that specific area or any individual work.

Poison Warning Sign

We must teach our children about this sign for poisonous substances. It is a skull and crossbones to represent the poison. We should also explain to children that they should never touch or eat anything that has this symbol on it.

Radiation Warning Sign

Teach children about the sign for radioactive materials that is trefoil with three arrows. We must enlighten them that they should not go near and touch anything that has a symbol of it.

Slippery When Wet Sign

This sign refers to the danger of slipping or falling on a wet surface. We have to explain to our children that they must ignore the place where they will see the sign.

Ways of Creating Safety Signs for Kids

Safety signs for kids should not be text-based because children don’t usually have a proper understanding of text-based signs. Images and symbols can be the better option. It should be kept as simple as possible.

These are some of the steps we should follow while creating safety signs for kids:

Use Large Fonts

The front should be large. In addition, it needs to be easy to read. Yes, fancy fronts may look good, but it may come tougher for the children to read. So the fonts should be simple and easy to read.

Bright Color

Using a bright color to create signs for children is a good idea. The signs would be easily noticed by the children if it contains a bright color.

Choosing a Clear and Simple Image

Choose an image that conveys the message you want to deliver. It should be as simple as possible. Such as, when you want to create a sign that says shows a warning against coming closer to any corner of a roof, it can simply be an image where a kid slips from the roof and falls.

Short & Simple Message

The message should be as short as possible. Instead of saying, “Don’t make a sound; it’s a prayer room,” one can say, “No sound.” It makes the message easy to understand for the kids.

Let the Kids Give a Trial

Besides teaching various signs and their meanings, the created sign can be shown to the kids asking what they understand watching the sign.

The Place Where Using Safety Signs

Raising a kid is always a big task. Parents’ main concern is their kids’ safety. Creating signs for them in different places may add more to it. Here are some ideas to create safety signs for the kids:

  1. “Look both sides” sign for crossing roads.
  2. “Silence” sign for the prayer room.
  3. “Stay seated” sign for kids’ school buses.
  4. “No running” sign for risky areas.
  5. “Don’t touch hot surfaces” sign for the kitchen.
  6. “Wear your helmet” sign for bike paths.
  7. “Don’t play at streets” sign for busy streets.
  8. “Wash your hands” sign for the washroom.
  9. “No climbing sign” for playground equipment.
  10. “Don’t touch electrical outlets” sign for the classroom.

We should always remember that easy images and signs with bright colors and short and simple messages with large and easy-to-read fonts can attract the attention of children easily. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep the message clear and straightforward. In addition, these signs help to reduce accidents and increase safety in various settings.  


Safety signs are made to protect our children and us from any kind of danger. We all need to follow the signs carefully. We can avoid uncertain accidents if we always pay attention to the safety signs and keep ourselves and others safe. After the whole discussion, we all may have a great idea about why we teach our children the safety signs and their meanings for leading a safe life.

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