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halloween mad scientist craft

Mad Scientist Line Study: Art Project for Kids

Ready to get your little one interested in science? There's no better way to do that, and sharpen his motor skills at the same time than this super easy...
mixing green dye with shaving foam

Saint Patrick’s Day Activity: Shaving Cream Rain

Introducing your little one to different festivals and holidays at an early age itself is the way to, and if St Patrick's Day is on your mind, we've got...
how to make a watercolor fish project with kids

Betta Fish Art Project – Watercolor Fish Painting

Painting is one of the most fun-filled art and craft projects for toddlers. Experts believe that it can be a wonderful way for young minds to improve their creative...
squid craft idea for kids

Giant Squid Art Project For Kids

Squids are interesting sea creatures, and can be a great one to get started on if you're looking for some simple and easy ocean themed crafts for kids.
cat in the hat party food idea for dr seuss party

Cat In The Hat Cupcakes: Dr Seuss Inspired Recipe

Have you been trying Dr Seuss inspired activities and craft projects with your little one? Or maybe you're hosting a themed party for your toddler or child. Whatever it...
how to make an hammer head shark from paper

Hammer Head Shark Craft Preschool Kids Will Love

Whether you're teaching your little one about underwater life or are just trying to introduce him to this exciting sea creature, this hammer head shark craft activity is a...
green eggs and ham party food idea

Green Eggs And Ham Party Food Idea

Got a little one who's a fan of Green Eggs and Ham? Hosting a themed party for him or having his friends over? This recipe is a must try!...
monster books for kids

The Best Monster Books For Kids

Books are a great way to help growing children learn about important concepts and ideas, and even develop a familiarity with different things, and if it is monsters on...
easy diy valentines mail boxes

22 Easy To Make Valentine's Mail Boxes

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you're probably hunting for some cool and fun craft ideas to try with your little one. And guess what? We've got you...
turtle craft for kids made from a seashell

DIY Seashell Turtle Craft

Getting your little one involved in craft ideas is a great way to keep him busy and entertained, and if you're planning to focus on beach and sea themed...
zog painting idea for kids

Zog Craft Idea and Reading Resource

Whether you've just started to hunt for some good books to add to your little one's bookshelf or already have some and are looking to add a few more,...

Banbury Cross Rhyme Printable Free Download + Ideas

There are some classic children's poems and rhymes that stay on for years, and Banbury Cross is one of them. This rhyme has been popular with children for several...
dr seuss one fish two fish painting idea

Dr Seuss Inspired One Fish Two Fish Wooden Slices Craft

Looking out for another Dr Seuss inspired craft idea? You'll never go wrong with this one, because it doubles up as an awesome reading resource too! Get started on...
angry birds painted rocks

Angry Birds Painted Rocks Craft Activity

Is your little one an Angry birds fan? Why not get him to try a simple painting activity that he'll absolutely love? These Angry Birds painted rocks are super...
Angelfish-craft made with seashell

DIY Seashell Angelfish Craft Idea

A trip to the beach with your little one is always fun, and if you're planning one soon, there's actually a superb way to take it up a notch....

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