Teaching Kids About the Outdoors

There is a time for classroom learning and a time to get outdoors and learn about the natural world. Arguably, the best time for outdoor learning is in the fall when there is so much happening in the environment. Use this season to teach kids about local plants or animals, and stay active. 

Teach Mindfulness 

Even the happiest people get sad sometimes, so equip your children with the tools they need to navigate their feelings as children and adults with early mindfulness training. Although it’s called training it’s actually quite easy and a lot of fun, especially in outdoor places with lots of nature. 

Mindfulness is all about quieting the mind and using the senses to experience the present moment in all its fullness. When you are in the outdoors, teach your children to belly breathe by following your example. Teach them to listen to the sounds around them without commenting.   

Find Local Plants 

Teaching your children about the local plants in your area is a great way to connect them with the environment and develop their ability to identify objects and remember their names. This lesson is all about developing memory skills as well as learning about local plants and flowers. 

There are two methods for teaching children about local plants, the freedom method, and the controlled method. The freedom method involves simply walking around and identifying plants; you could even use Google Lens for this. Otherwise, give them pictures to find as they walk.  

Stay Active 

Now that your children are outside, they are away from their screens and active, even if that means simply walking around. Staying active is very important for young people; it helps their bodies and bones to develop properly and creates wholesome habits for their future years. 

Ask most people, and they will probably tell you that health is one of the most important things in life because, without it, a happy life is less possible. Train your little ones to appreciate the active life, and they will grow up with an interest in health and wellbeing, go to website for more details. 

Make Things 

One of the best ways to teach children about nature and the local environment is to make things with natural materials. Whether you are building a treehouse or creating a stone circle to tell stories in, the children are connecting with their local environment and gaining more knowledge. 

Children learn in different ways, the same as adults, so some will get more from a kinesthetic approach than others, but you can pretty much guarantee that all of them with appreciate the task, the fresh air, and the time spent outside the classroom. Fall is the perfect time for this.  

Meet Animals 

Children love animals, but unfortunately, they don’t get the chance to meet their favorite soft toys in real life. Taking your children to the local zoo or park where they can see pigs, sheep, dogs, or other more exotic animals is an inspiring and educational experience they will value. 

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