Tips to Plan a Fun and Safe Walt Disney Trip With Kids

Are you planning to visit the ‘happiest place on earth?’ If so, you will have the best time of your life there. Disney World is such a beautiful place that you’ll be touched. There are great things to entertain kids and adults alike. It is amongst the best places for family outings. 

So, we’re here to help you with your planning. We’re sure you want to make the trip fun and ensure your kids’ safety. Your preparation shall be different if you have toddlers, infants, or middle-aged kids. 

Hence, this article includes some tried and tested tips for parents. It will ensure you plan a successful vacation to this magical place. 

So, what’s the wait for? Let’s read on and get the plan ready! 

Carry Backpacks and Strollers 

The park is spread across acres of land, meaning it can easily take you the whole day to roam around. Therefore, you must carry a backpack and stroller with you. The backpack can come in handy to store stuff such as water bottles, jackets, and snacks. 

If you have a toddler, you can either bring a stroller or rent one at the park. It will make it easy for you to walk through the park. Additionally, it also works well for storing your stuff. Not having a backpack means you’ll have to access the lockers or carry the things in your hands. It will be a big turn-off, though. 

Choose the Rides Wisely

Age, height, and rider switch details are mentioned on each ride. You must check the details and only let your child on the ride. The rider switch helps parents to take ride turns if they have a kid who does not qualify for the height or age criterion. Also, let your kids know they must follow the ride rules to ensure safety. It includes wearing safety belts and helmets and not hanging on the rides. It will help reduce the chances of getting injured. 

The skilled disney personal injury attorneys suggest that you can claim compensation if you or your children get injured on rides. There are cases where rides may break down, or the staff’s negligence can cause accidents. If the riders get hurt, they may speak with lawyers to get financial aid for punitive and no-punitive damages. 

Additionally, if you have autistic kids, you might want to show them videos of the rides beforehand. It will help them reduce their fear of the unknown. They will be better prepared for how the experience feels like. 

Prepare to Keep a Tab on the Kids 

Whether you go during the peak season on less-crowded days, there are many people in the park. It is like visiting the park on busy days or jam-packed days. Therefore, preparing to keep a tab on your kids and family is essential. You can do this by wearing matching costumes and mentioning the family name. Some parents also give their kids bunny ears to recognize them in crowds.

Regardless of your choice, ensure that it is different from the others for ease. In addition, keep a chit with your phone number in each kid’s pocket to provide added safety. If you have a toddler who can’t speak clearly, attach a tag mentioning your name and contact details. For added security, also note the blood group. 

Set up a Snacking and Souvenir Buying Budget 

Kids will indeed want to buy souvenirs from the magical land, especially when most of the ride’s exit at gift shops. Also, there are many eateries and restaurants to offer quick snack bites. These include popcorn, shakes, and more. So, you can set a budget for each child and give them their Disney gift cards. 

Instead of you saying no to them, let them decide for themselves. They will choose whether to buy a third round of popcorn or save for some exciting treat. In addition, it should help in bringing in very thoughtful souvenirs. Also, please give them a lesson on how to spend wisely. The long trip should have fun memories and some life lessons, right? 

In addition, you can also bring your snacks to avoid spending at the park. Bridging your water bottle is also helpful. There are various refilling stations throughout the park, so you do not have to buy multiple water bottles. Economical and environmental enough! 

Enjoy Disney World

The visit to the magical land should be all good and safe. Your kids must be excited; therefore, give them a heads-up in advance. Show them Disney movies beforehand, so they can relate to the characters and enjoy the attractions in the park. 

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