Creativity In Everything. How to Create a Freesia Bouquet With Your Own Hands

As the saying goes, children are the flowers of life. So, how do you mix these two kinds of concepts if your kids show a penchant for creativity? Yep, you can suggest that they make a flower bouquet with their own hands and, naturally, support them in this process. The first step is choosing the relevant floral components. How about freesia? These delicate, charming flowers are available in many colors and have an attractive aroma. Their symbolic meanings are innocence and friendship, which are closely associated with childhood. Instead of a thousand words, look at a freesia bouquet and you will feel like creating such beauty yourself.

Supplies For the Hand-Tied Freesia Bouquet

Before making the best flower bouquet, ensure you have all the necessary items. They usually are as follows:

  • jute twine;
  • scissors or secateurs;
  • fresh freesia as the eye-catching flowers;
  • fillers as the supporting flowers or foliage;
  • large sheets of tissue or brown paper;
  • decorative ribbons or lace;
  • artificial pearls or diamonds;
  • a glue gun;
  • a mirror;
  • a good mood (wink).

Is everything ready? Then let’s start!

The Guide to Making a Well-Constructed Freesia Bouquet

You suddenly have a thought to order a flower bouquet, don’t you? Don’t disturb the flower delivery service today; just follow the instructions step-by-step.

Step 1: Prepare the Flowers

Strip the stems of both freesias and supporting flowers of extra leaves, shoots, buds, or any painful nodules. Snip all the stems to a length that will be convenient for your hand. Lay out the prepared flowers on a table or worktop for easy access.

Step 2: Build the Bouquet

Set up the mirror in front of you to get a better overall perspective of the bouquet during its making process.

Hold one of the freesia flowers at the binding point with your non-writing hand. Add stems of tiny fillers with your other hand, laying them diagonally on top of the freesia under your thumb. By the way, the flowers are held in the palm with thumb and forefinger; the other ones are used for gripping in and releasing more flowers. Then, turn your bouquet a  little. This technique is called the insert-and-twist, commonly used in floral services. Continue doing it until the bouquet becomes full, in your opinion.

Step 3: Tie off the Bouquet

Cut about 50cm of twine. Wrap it around the binding point several times, not too tightly. Finally, tie off the ends of the twine with a double knot.

Step 4: Wrap the Bouquet

Cut two rectangular pieces of tissue or brown paper. Fold one piece diagonally from the left-hand corner to the top middle, and repeat it for the second sheet. Place the bouquet in the center of one piece of paper. Fold the bottom corner of the paper over the stems, then fold the sides towards the center. Flip the bouquet over to repeat the process with the second piece of paper. Secure the wrapping with twine.

Step 5: Decorate the Bouquet Handle

As a finishing touch, you can decorate the bouquet handle with lace or a long ribbon tied in a bow.

It is also a great idea to attach artificial pearls or diamonds to the decorated materials using a glue gun.

The Last One

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and spending time with your kids in a creative atmosphere. I suggest not leaving it unattended. Invite friends or relatives to admire your handmade freesia bouquet. Perhaps they will be so impressed that they will choose the flower arrangement to celebrate some occasion. It might even encourage your children to become florists shortly (wink).

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