Color Sorting Ladybug Activity For Kids

Fun Free Printable Ladybug Activity For Preschool Kids

Depending on where you live in the world, this beautiful insect is called a ladybird or a ladybug. Either way this fun and interesting insect is well known for it’s black spots and this gives me lots of ideas for fun educational learning activities based on the ladybug.

Today I am sharing these wonderful and fantastic Ladybug pom pom mats. They are a free printable for you to use and are a great learning tool for teaching basic colors, matching and sorting skills.

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A Fun Ladybug Activity

This basic ladybug activity is easy and fun for little ones and won’t take too long so it’s perfect for those with the shortest attention span. In fact you could change the activity up for older kids by adding colored counters or even playdough.

There are plenty of options to make this ladybug activity suitable to different ages.

Supplies Needed To Make This Ladybug Printable

How To Use This Ladybug Activity For Kids

This is a simple activity and children can either match the pom poms to the spots on the ladybug individually, or could take in turns and play this as a group game.

Using the grip tweezers is a great idea and can make it more fun adding an additional element to the activity. Tweezers and gripping is a great fine motor skill that preschool children can develop and so this activity can come in handy for that purpose.

If you want, you can laminate your printables to allow them to last a lot longer and file them in a plastic case.

Lady Bug Pom Pom Mats

You might want to extend your child’s interest in Ladybugs or ladybirds by reading some books. One of my favourite has to be What The Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. It’s a fun book for preschool kids and one they will enjoy over and over again.

What Is The Difference Between Matching And Sorting Colors?

Matching colors is a little different to sorting and can help children to develop different skills. By matching objects or colors, kids are able to recognise similarities between two objects and recognise what os the same.

Sorting on the other hand is when you have more than two of the same object and a child has to sort and organise into groups. You can use these Ladybird mats for both color matching or sorting and enjoy them with the kids in the classroom or at home.

Download Your Free Ladybug Printable Templates Here!

Ladybug printable pom pom mats.

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