5 Little Ducks Spring Sensory Bin

5 Little Ducks Spring Sensory Bin

If you love the 5 little Ducks song and are looking for a fun way to introduce ducks and sensory play this spring then look no further!

This easy and simple preschool sensory bin idea is both fun and simple for kids and an activity that won’t take too long to set up. You can use this fun preschool activity as a starter for teaching children about the Duck, the drake, hen and duckling.

Enjoy this super fun activity and have fun teaching the little ones all about this fantastic bird whilst having fun with sensory play.

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Five Fun Facts About Ducks

  • If you’re looking for some interesting facts about ducks look no further! Today I am going to share 5 true facts about the duck!
  • Ducks are aquatic birds that live both in fresh water and seas water. Ducks can be found on every continent in the world except from Antartica.
  • Ducks are part of the Anatidae family of birds and are closely related to both the swan and geese.
  • The female duck is called a hen, the baby duck a duckling and the male duck is called a drake.
  • Ducks are often used for their feathers to create feathered pillows and bedding. They are also popular for eggs and eaten as a meat delicacy.
  • The most common type of duck is the mallard which lives in both Europe, Asia, North Africa, America and Australasia.

Supplies Needed For This Five Little Ducks Activity

How To Make This Spring Themed Sensory Bin

Pour pluffle into a storage container.

Cut several lily pad shapes from green felt.

You can easily do this by cutting a circle and then cutting a tiny triangle from one side.

Add a few rocks to the bin to give the ducks a nesting spot.

Add a few giant water beads to the bin. Add a few pieces of long dry grass to the bin.

Add natural gift bag filler as a nest.

Scatter a few rubber duckies into the bin.

Offer the bin to your child to explore.

When play time is finished, remove the water beads and snap a lid on it for future play sessions.

Find More Activities To Go With The Five Little Ducks Song

five little ducks printable sheet
  • Read the 5 Little Ducks Book
  • Make a 5 Little Ducks Coloring Page
  • Teach Children Fun Facts About Ducks – See the facts above!

Why not try making a paper bag Duck? Here is a fun tutorial you may love…It’s simple easy and a lot of fun for the little ones.

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