The Best Weather Crafts For Kids

Are you planning a weather unit for your kids or students? Perhaps you just need a simple and fun afternoon craft on a rainy day or when it’s too cold or hot out. Either way, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic weather crafts for kids. From smiling suns to blustery blizzards and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect craft to suit your local weather conditions.

You’ll also find a handful of cool weather activities here that allow kids to observe and record the weather. Isn’t that fun?

Fun Weather Crafts for Kids

Let’s kick things off with some general weather crafts and activities for weather observation, learning about water cycles and wind, and more.

General Weather Crafts

DIY Weather Station for Kids from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots:

This DIY weather station encourages kids to observe and record the local weather. You’ll learn how to make a rain gauge, a weathervane, and a rainbow wind gauge for your observations.

Weather Stones from The Craft Train:

Painting rocks is such fun for kids; even older ones and adults enjoy it, too. Create your own bag of weather stones, and have your children observe the weather each morning to pick out the appropriate stone to match.

Camping Weather Cup Craft from The Crazy Outdoor Mama:

What a cute way to get kids to be more observant of the weather when camping! This craft comes with both a tent and an RV version, so no matter your camping style, you can still use it. Once it’s colored and assembled, the kids can turn the opening to the day’s weather.

Water Cycle in a Bag from Team Cartwright:

Rain is part of the water cycle, and it’s easy to make a small model of it right in your kitchen using a baggie. As the sun heats the bag, it condenses on the bag and then slides back down. This is a fun experiment for preschoolers.

Wind Farm Science Activity from The STEM Mum:

Learn how to make windmills, and use them to set up this cool wind farm. Simulate the power of the wind and observe and record your results. 

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Craft from That Kids Craft Site:

This is a fun weather-themed craft that goes along with the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It’s an engaging rainy day activity for sure.

Edible Weather Themed Silly Putty from Natural Beach Living:

Make a silly putty recipe that’s totally taste-safe and appropriate for all seasons! We have to say that the cheerful yellow putty is our favorite!

How to Make a Windsock from Kids’ Craft Room: 

Recycle a jug and some scrap ribbon to make this colorful rainbow windsock. Using a jug makes it easy for little hands to hold, and the kids will so enjoy running around with it to make the ribbons flutter in the wind.

Cute and Fun Weather Paper Crafts from Kids’ Craft Room:

These 3D paper weather crafts are so adorable. The bright yellow sun has lovely 3D rays, while the cloud has 3D heart raindrops underneath. They’d make cute homemade cards if you wanted to send someone happy mail. 

Sun Crafts

These sunny crafts are sure to brighten your day!

Paper Bowl Sun Craft from About a Mom:

Here’s a simple sun craft that’s easy enough for kids of all ages. It’s perfect for some mid-day crafting time when it’s just too hot to be outdoors in the summer.

Cupcake Liner Sun Craft from I Heart Crafty Things:

Yellow cupcake liners and buttons are all you need to make this spectacular sun craft with your toddler or preschooler. It’s so simple!

Coffee Filter Sun Craft from Look We’re Learning:

If you’re looking for a 5-minute craft that’s super easy to set up and finish, this is it. No special materials are needed—just a coffee filter, construction paper, and crayons!

Jolly Sunshine Wand from Kids’ Craft Room:

This sunshine wand will make all the kids feel a little more bright and cheerful. Encourage them to run, jump, twirl, and dance as they wave their wands through the air.

Paper Plate Sun Craft from Kids Activities Blog:

This paper plate sun craft is so bright that it’s gotta wear shades! What a fun craft right before summer vacation.

Rain Crafts

Rainy days won’t put a damper on your creativity. Choose one of these rain-themed crafts to keep the kids busy and happy.

Spring Cut and Paste Paper Rain Cloud Craft from The Art Kit:

Use the free printable along with gems and yarn to make a beautiful rain cloud. Using yarn in various shades of blue adds a nice dimension, while the gems add sparkle. 

Bubble Wrap Puffy Rain Cloud from Red Ted Art:

Bubble wrap printing creates the most beautiful texture on the cloud; the bubble wrap raindrops also have a lot of tactile and visual interest. This rain cloud craft makes a terrific addition to a nursery or playroom.

Rain Cloud Craft from Gift of Curiosity:

This craft simulates the rain coming down, so it’s more than just an easy craft. Once the rain falls down the page creating a lake at the bottom, add some clouds up top to complete it!

Rain in a Jar from Craft Play Learn:

Nevermind the St. Patrick’s Day theme here. This fun rain in a jar craft uses food coloring, a shaving cream “cloud,” and water for an easy science project for kids. You can use any food coloring you like! Blue is conducive to teaching kids about rain since blue is already associated with water.

shaving cream rain activity for kids

Rain Pull Craft from Pink Stripey Socks:

Print these doodles, attach the raindrops to string and the cloud to a popsicle stick, and you have yourself a fun pull craft to play with. The tree and flower pull crafts here are equally adorable.

Easy Rain Craft for Kids from Crafts on Sea:

This is a super simple craft for toddlers and preschoolers. All you need is some paper, cotton balls, and blue paint. The raindrops can be made with fingerprints if you’d like to turn it into a keepsake craft.

Paper Plate Rain Cloud from Non-Toy Gifts:

Use this as a rainy day craft, an April showers craft, or any spring day when you’re studying the weather with your kids. 

Cloud Crafts

Do you love seeing big, fluffy clouds? Here’s your chance to make some of your own!

Cloud Viewer from Little Bins for Little Hands:

Study the different types of clouds, such as cirrus, cumulus, and stratus clouds, and then head outdoors to observe them. This cloud viewer makes it easy to identify the different types you’re looking at.

Cloudy Day Sticky Wall from Happy Toddler Playtime:

Sticky walls are terrific, tactile tools for toddlers. Kids can create wispy or thick clouds with their cotton balls. 

Cotton Ball Clouds Process Art from School Time Snippets:

Invite your toddler or preschooler to make this process art activity using only construction paper, glue, and cotton balls. They can make fluffy clouds or wispy clouds here, too.

Cloud Classification Craft from Gift of Curiosity:

Help your kiddo learn to classify the different types of clouds by providing pictures and materials like paint or cotton balls to allow them to recreate the look of each type of cloud.

Snow Crafts

Here’s a couple of snow crafts the kids will enjoy in winter.

Snowflake Paper Twirler from Crafts on Sea:

Work on scissor skills and fine motor skills while making this snow-themed craft with the kids. The twirler is just lovely; it’ll be so fun to hang it and watch it spin around whenever air moves in the room.

Blizzard in a Bag from Artsy Momma:

Replicate blowing snow on a cold, blustery day with this blizzard in a bag activity. Kids will have a blast blowing the “snow” around with their straws. 

Rainbow Crafts

Rainbows are a symbol of hope, and they’re popular crafts for spring. You’ll find plenty of them here!

Rainbow in a Jar from Craft Play Learn:

You don’t want to miss our rainbow in a jar! It makes such a lovely room decoration when you’re done and is a fun way to teach kids about rainbows and different colors with a low-key science activity.

Rainbow Slime from Craft Play Learn:

No need to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to make this slime—it’s fun all year round! Learn about all the colors of the rainbow while making each colored batch of slime. Creating and working with slime helps little ones build fine motor skills.

Rainbow Coffee Filter Art from Craft Play Learn:

Coffee filter crafts are fun and frugal, and you can’t get much cuter than these smiling clouds with rainbows, can you?

Painting Rainbows with Cork from The Inspiration Edit:

If you’re crafting with a toddler, this one is super easy. Simply print out the rainbow coloring sheet, grab a cork and some paints in rainbow colors, and stamp away until you’ve filled in the rainbow.

Rainbow Abacus from 123 Homeschool 4 Me:

What a fun way for kids to practice counting. Younger children can count 1-20 (moving the beads from one side to the next) while kindergarteners can practice all the way to 70.

Cardboard Collage Rainbow Art from Craft Bits:

This is a terrific craft that can be made almost entirely out of recycled materials, like cardboard and scrap paper. If you don’t have the colored styrofoam balls, Skittles, pom poms, or other material would also work.

Hanging Cotton Ball Rainbow Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Using fluffy cotton balls is a fun and tactile way to make a rainbow with your little crafter. You could also add some fluffy white clouds to either end of the rainbow if you’d like.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft from Non-Toy Gifts:

Two smiling clouds can be found at either end of this gorgeous paper plate rainbow. The rainbow yarn coming down from the clouds like rain makes it look extra pretty.

Stained Glass Rainbow Suncatcher from MomBrite:

Your kids will love this beautiful springtime craft that makes your windows look just like stained glass. You’ll love seeing the light stream through every day.

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