Earth Day Activity: Sensory Activity For Kids

With global warming and pollution affecting the earth more than ever, raising environmentally conscious children has become the need of the time, and this Earth Day activity is a good way to get started with just that.

Not only can it be a fun playful experience, but you can also utilize this as a chance to teach your toddler about the Earth Day and its importance.

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Supplies For This Earth Day Activity

Note: Earth bouncy balls could also be used as long as they will fit through the opening of the bottle. For marbles, use more glue and less water.

How To Make A Earth Day Sensory Bottle

Empty one bottle of glue into the bottle. 

Fill the empty glue bottle about half full with warm water (about ¼ cup) and seal with the lid. Shake well to combine the remaining glue with the water. Pour into jar with glue and shake or stir to combine.

If you are adding glitter or toys, add part of the glitter and toys into the glue mixture.

Seal the jar and shake well. If the glitter or confetti does not move easily, add more warm water.

earth day activity

If the glitter or confetti moves too quickly, add additional glue. Continue adding in layers with the glitter and toys until you achieve your desired effect.

earth day activity

When the contents of the bottle move according to your preference, seal the bottle and glue the lid closed to avoid spills.

If desired, cover the lid with duct tape or additional decorations.

earth day activity

And of course, why not go beyond this and try some more Earth themed activities or sensory play activities? Here’s a quick list to help you out with just that.

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earth day activity

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