Butterfly Crafts Kids Will Love to Make

B is for Butterfly craft ideas! Seriously, these butterfly crafts are the perfect way to really get your kids to associate the letter B and its sound. Not only that, but they are super fun to make!

Butterfly Crafts

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21 Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Not only are these crafts a great way to teach the letter B, but they are a great way to spend time with your child, help them to build their fine motor skills, and a way to get creative.

Galaxy Blot Craft

The Inspiration Edit

What I love about this craft is that no matter how many times you make it, it will always be different. Isn’t that just like a butterfly?

Butterfly Hand Puppet

Easy Peasy And Fun

Puppets are a fun way to learn communication skills and public speaking skills. Plus, this little guy can flutter around wherever you child goes.

Butterfly Crafts

Clothes Pin Butterfly

The Inspiration Edit

If you hang your laundry out on a line, your clothes pins can come in handy for this cute little butterfly craft. Plus, you can still hang your clothes up with them which makes it all the more fun.

Handprint Butterfly Art

Simple Everyday Mom

I always loved seeing my children’s handprints as they got older. Handprint crafts are a great way for you to keep those little handprints even as they get older.

Butterfly Crafts

Clothespin Butterfly Craft

Craft Play Learn

Not only is this clothespin butterfly a way to teach, but it makes for a great sensory tool. The foam beads are both calming and soothing especially for little ones with sensory issues.

butterfly craft idea for children using a clothes peg

Paper Butterfly Craft

I Heart Crafty Things

Paper crafts can get a little mundane, but what I like about this one is that its kind of like a pop-up paper craft. This would be the great start to a greeting card.

Butterfly Crafts

Wine Cork Butterfly Crafts

The Inspiration Edit

I like these little butterfly guys. They are simple, cute, and a perfect idea for Valentine’s gifts.

Chunky Rainbow Butterfly Craft

The Inspiration Edit

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes and that is no different with our crafts. This chunky butterfly really shows that every one of Mother Nature’s Creatures is beautiful and different.

Butterfly Crafts

Toilet Tube Button Butterfly Crafts

The Best Ideas For Kids

Toilet paper tubes are just great for so many different kinds of crafts. With a little creativity, you can turn them into beautiful butterflies.

Butterfly Crafts

DIY Butterfly Mask

The Inspiration Edit

What a fun way to have your very own masquerade ball?! These butterfly crafts are cute and kids love being able to dress up.

Butterfly Suncatcher

Crafts On Sea

Suncatchers are so fun! This is a great way to make crafts with your kiddos and bring some colorful light into your home.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark

Red Ted Art

Origami may not work well with super young kids, but it is a great way to teach older ones the concept of following directions. Plus, these cute butterflies are great as bookmarks.

Butterfly Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

One Little Project

This would be a super cute craft to do with your little princess or prince. Jewelry adds a little pizzaz to your wardrobe and its even better when you make it yourself.

Butterfly Crafts

Paper Butterflies

Fireflies And Mudpies

For this craft, all you need is the butterfly template, a popsicle stick, pipe cleaner, and some decorative gems.

Fall Leaf Butterfly Crafts

Our Kid Things

It is always fun to go outside as the leaves change colors and fall from the trees. Among other crafts, these beautiful fall leaves make beautiful butterflies.

Moveable Butterfly Paper Doll

Easy Peasy And Fun

Making a moveable butterfly is engineering at its finest. This is a great craft that teaches basic engineering skills.

Paper Butterfly Crafts

The Inspiration Edit

For these paper butterfly crafts, you can make them look just a little more like a butterfly by using a pipe cleaner to make antennas. I also think these would be super cute glued on a pony tail holder.

Woven Craft Stick Butterflies

The Craft Train

These crafts may not come out perfect every time, but they are really great for building fine motor skills.

Woven Paper Butterfly Crafts

Arty Crafty Kids

Weaving paper in and out is a great way to build fine motor skills. Plus, the different colored papers make for very unique butterflies.

Butterfly Crafts

Chenille Stem Butterflies

Fantastic Fun And Learning

It is always more fun to make crafts that can move. Doodle some butterflies and watch them fly with this cute chenille stem craft.

Black Glue Butterfly Crafts

Views from A Stepping Stool

I can’t believe how easy this stained glass butterfly is to make with preschoolers. They will absolutely love it as it shines through the window.

Butterfly Crafts

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Butterfly Crafts

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