The Best Elephant Craft For Kids: Paper Bag Puppet 

Do your kids love elephants? If so they are going to love this super fun elephant craft for kids idea.

This elephant paper bag puppet is easy to make and includes a special secret that makes it extra fun. You can make this paper bag craft at kindergarten as part of a Safari craft series or maybe you’re looking for elephant art ideas after a trip to the zoo, whatever the reason, I’m sure this easy paper bag puppet will be a real hit with the little ones.

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Did You Know Facts About Elephants

To go alongside this fun elephant craft for kids, you might like to share some fun elephant facts. I’ve collected some popular elephant questions and answered them so you can teach the kids about these fascinating creatures as you enjoy your arts and crafts session.

What Do Elephants Eat?

Did you know that elephants are vegan? They eat plants, fruit and vegetables. Baby elephants start to eat grass when they are only a couple of weeks old. When they get older they enjoy eating tree bark, bamboo, roots and fruits.

How Long Are Elephants Pregnant?

Elephant pregnancies last for 22 months. When the baby elephant is born they weigh around 230 pounds and are about 3 feet tall!

Where Do Elephants Live?

Most elephants live in Africa but you can also find them living in Asia. Asian elephants live on the Indian subcontinent while African Elephants live in sub-Saharan Africa.

What Do Elephants Look Like?

Elephants are very big and they have long trunks and large ears (which help them to keep cool) and they also have tusks which you can find on their lower jaw.

How Much Does An Elephant Weigh?

Elephants can weigh up to 15,000 pounds!

Can Elephants Swim?

Yes they can. They sometimes like to swim in rivers and lakes for fun or to cool off on a hot day.

How Long Do Elephants Live?

Elephants can live to around 60 years in the wild.

How Many Species of Elephant Are There?

Are Elephants Afraid Of Mice?

Elephant’s are not afraid of mice.

How Tall Is An Elephant?

Elephants can grow to be around 9 feet tall!

Do Elephants Have Good Memory?

Elephants are extremely smart and they have very good memories. They can remember things for a long time (like where to find water in the desert).

What Is An Elephant’s Trunk?

Did you know that an elephant trunk is actually called a proboscis? The actual word “trunk” refers to the nose of an elephant.

How Long Is An Elephant’s Trunk?

Elephant trunks are very long. They can be up to 2 meters long which is around 6 feet!

Can Elephants Jump?

Yes, elephants are very good at jumping! They have very strong back legs which means that they can jump up to 6 feet high.

How Fast Can An Elephant Run?

An elephant can run as fast as 25 miles per hour. That’s the same speed as a marathon racer!

How Many Teeth Do Elephants Have?

Elephants have an amazing 32 teeth which last for their entire life (around 60 years). This means that elephants only need to go to the dentist every three

Do Female Elephants Have Tusks?

Do all elephants have tusks or only males? Now that’s a good question.

Do Elephants Eat Peanuts?

The answer is yes. They are known to eat peanuts and other types of food.

E is For Elephant Craft

If you’re wanting to use this craft to teach languages, why not use it alongside a storybook about elephants. You might want to read Elmer the elephant or simply use the craft to talk about the letter E.

You can also extend the kids interests by singing a song about elephants such as the Nursery Rhyme, The Elephant Goes:

The Elephant Goes Nursery Rhyme

  • The Elephant goes like this, like that.
  • He’s terribly big and he’s terribly fat.
  • He has no fingers, He has no toes.
  • But goodness gracious, what a nose.

Materials Needed For This Elephant Craft

Here are the supplies you will need for this fun elephant papercraft.

  • Paper Bag – You can get bulk paper bags from Amazon or a craft supplies store if making these with several kids.
  • Colored Paper – You will need pink and grey construction paper for this elephant craft.
  • Glue Stick – We like to buy glue sticks in bulk to make a saving.
  • Scissors – You can use any craft scissors for cutting out your templates.
  • Markers – We recommend using black sharpie pens. They work well and tend to last a long time.

How To Make An Elephant Paper Bag Puppet

Step One: Print Your Elephant Template

Print out the elephant template and cut the pieces out. Set the elephant eyes to the side.

Step Two: Trace The Elephant Body Parts

Trace the elephant body, elephant ears, and trunk onto colored paper and cut the pieces out.

Step Three: Glue Your Paper Elephant Together

Glue the elephant body to the paper bag.

Next glue the elephant head, ears, and trunk.

When gluing the ears, glue the pink inner ears to the grey ears first before connecting to the head.

Step Four: Add The Elephant Eyes

Glue your eyes onto your elephant.

Step Five: Add Details To Your Elephant Craft

Use markers to add detail to your puppet.

You don’t have to stop here. Why not make a whole lot of different safari characters or zoo animals. The kids would love it!

Get Your Elephant Template Here!

Download your paper bag elephant template here. It’s fun and an easy craft for the little ones to enjoy. Elephant template

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Do you have any more elephant art and craft ideas? Please do share them. I’d love to hear!

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