15 Fun Frog Crafts for Kids to Make

15 Fun Frog Crafts for Kids to Make

Are you looking for some fun frog crafts to make with the kids? We have a wonderful list of them right here! Whether you’re studying a frog-themed unit or just want to make something froggy for a spring, summer, or Leap Year craft, you’re going to find a hopping good froggy project here. You don’t even need to run to the craft store first, as there are crafts for everything from paper plates to cupcake liners to toilet paper rolls and more.

Make these frog crafts just for fun, or use them as a jumping-off point for discussions about the frog life cycle. They’re perfect for the home or in the classroom.

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Easy Frog Crafts For Kids

Making frog crafts can be fun and I’ll start off by sharing this easy frog craft featured here on Craft Play Learn. We have these super cute paper bag frogs which are super simple and easy to make and can be used as puppets or as frog themed gift bags. Check them out!

paper frog craft

Fun Frog Crafts for Kids

Here are some more fantastic and fun frog crafts for kids to enjoy! They really are easy and simple but very effective. Which frog craft do you like best? There are plenty to choose from and lots of different materials you could use.

I’d love to see your froggy creations. Please do comment below or share them with me on Pinterest.

1. Frog on a Lilypad | The Best Ideas for Kids:

This super cute frog on a lilypad craft is easy and simple to make and uses only a few supplies.

2. Paper Frog | Easy Peasy & Fun:

Why not try making this super easy paper frog with a long red tongue. I’m sure the kids would enjoy this craft and it’s a great way to practice fine motor skills rolling up the paper.

3. Paper Roll Frog | The Craft Train

This cute Paper frog craft is simple and easy and i love the speckles on their faces. You could make a set of five to use as resources when singing 5 little speckled frogs.

4. Paper Plate Frogs | Our Kid Things

Here is a fun and easy frog paper plate craft. This could be a fun activity to make at home or in the preschool setting. You only need a few paper plates and some green paint and a few other supplies. Check out the tutorial to see how to make these frogs.

5. Toilet Tube Frogs | The Inspiration Edit

These super cute frogs found over on The Inspiration Edit are easy to make and fun. Get painting with the kids and cut out the different shapes as you make a set of five frogs or more. I’m sure this would be a fun activity with the little ones.

6. Plastic Egg Frog Craft | Artsy Craftsy Mom

I love this plastic egg frog idea. Plastic eggs are super cheap, you can buy a bag of them from the dollar store or pound land and make your very own frog craft creations!

7. Popsicle Stick Frog | Kids Activities Blog

Why not try making a frog from popsicle sticks. That would be fun and gluing and sticking is an activity the kids love at craft time! It doesn’t have to be complicated and often simple easy crafts are the best for those developing basic craft skills.

8. Egg Carton Frog | Crafts by Amanda

Why not try making an egg carton craft like this super cute egg carton frog. I love this craft and the roundness of the frog. Pipe cleaners are easy to use and there’s lots of fun to be had making this cute frog.

9. Origami Jumping Frogs | Messy Little Monster

Have you ever made origami frogs? If not you could make some with the kids and set up a fun activity like this origami jumping frogs game! It’s easy and fun. Check out the tutorial at Messy Little Monster.

10. Paper Bag Frog Puppet | I Heart Crafty Things

Here is another fun puppet craft idea. I do love the spots and it’s another fun craft or resource to go along a book or song about the speckled frogs.

11. K-Cup Frog | Artsy Momma

Have you thought about making a K-cup frog? It’s very simple and easy. You’ll need some paint and a paint brush and a few other supplies. Visit the post to see how to make this fun frog craft.

12. Squeeze and Croak Frog Toy | Kids Craft Room

These frog crafts are so so cute with their googly eyes and big red smiles. I could see the kids making a whole heap of these and creating a frog sensory bin of sorts. Wouldn’t that be a fun idea!

13. Paper Plate Handprint Frog Craft | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Why not do some handprint painting or hand drawing and make a fu paper and hand frog craft. This is a great idea and again is easy and fun for the little ones.

14. Cupcake Liner Frog | Kids Activities Blog

If you have some cupcake liners laying around why not make a cupcake liner frog with accordian legs! It’s a fab idea and you can create a fun scene with the kids or make a display for the nursery classroom.

15. Printable Frog Puppets | Picklebums

Finally check out these cute Printable frogs on lollipop sticks. This frog craft is easy and requires only a few steps and you will have a set of super cute frog puppets. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out our booklist of Frog books for kids to enjoy! They would go nicely with any of these crafts and would work nicely with any frog themed unit study or lesson.

kids frog books

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