Easy Bird Crafts Kids Will Love

B is for bird and these bird crafts are a great way to help reinforce sound/letter recognition. In addition to using these crafts as a learning tool, they are a great way to build your child’s confidence, foster social skills, and build fine motor skills.

Bird Crafts

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Easy Bird Crafts Kids Will Love

Eider Bird Craft

Craft Play Learn

These little guys are simple to make and can be used as puppets. All you need is a printer and some popsicle sticks.

paper duck craft for kids

Flamingo Scrape Painting

Projects With Kids

Along with teaching the letter B for birds, you can use this painting to teach the letter P for pink. This is also a great way to help kids learn the color pink.

Bird Crafts

Peacock Feather Craft

Powerful Mothering

This is another craft that can work with the letter B or the letter P. Plus, these Peacock birds are a perfect way to express your creativity.

Origami Birds

Red Ted Art

All you need is paper for this craft. Making origami birds is a great way to help children to follow directions. They must follow the directions completely in order to make their bird.

Bird Crafts

Parrot Paper Plate Craft

Glue Sticks And Gum Drops

Who knew you could make so many different things out of paper plates? This cute little parrot is simple to make and allows for creativity.

Paper Bird Crafts

I Heart Crafty Things

You don’t have to be artistic to make this bird. The easy bird template makes this an easy craft for kids and adults alike.

Bird Crafts

Baby Bluebird Craft Stick Project

Artsy Moma

I have seen several pretty little Bluebirds in my backyard lately. This craft would be super cute to do after a day of bird watching in your backyard.

Paper Bag Owl

Craft Play Learn

Owls are totally cool, and children love learning about them. I think it is something about them being nocturnal. Do a lesson on owls and then have fun making one.

owl paper bag puppet

Handprint Bald Eagle

Simple Everyday Mom

Teaching your child about Bald Eagles is a great way to introduce them to the concept of endangered species. This craft is also a great way for you to remember how little their handprints were when they are all grown up.

Bird Crafts

Easy Seagull Craft

Craft Play Learn

If you live by the beach, head to the beach to check out some seagulls. Then, compare and contrast what they look like in this craft compared to in real life.

seagull craft for kids

Paper Plate Peacock

I Heart Crafty Things

I have always been fascinated by peacocks. When they spread those beautiful feathers the world just stops for a second. This craft would go perfectly after a little science lesson peacocks.

Bird Crafts

Easy Fun Paper Bird Crafts

Fireflies And Mudpies

With this bird craft, I would glue the clothes pins to the bird body so that the pinches could be put on anything. It would make a great bookmark or even be fun for a clothes line. Additionally, you could add a magnet to hang other pieces of artwork on the fridge.

Toilet Tube Owls

The Inspiration Edit

When you have kids home, it is inevitable not to have a toilet paper tube lying around at some point during the day. With a little paper and sparkles, you can turn them into fun little owls.

Paper Plate Flamingo Craft

The Inspiration Edit

What I love about this cute Flamingo craft is how simple it is to make. Even little ones can glue all the pieces the way it goes.

Bird Crafts

Finger Puppet Birds

Red Ted Art

Puppets are one of those long forgotten toys, but they offer a lot in child development. Making these finger puppets builds fine motor skills, encourages communication, and fosters imagination.

Bird Crafts

Peacock Painted Rock

The Inspiration Edit

Painting with small strokes on a rock is great for building those fine motor skills. If you want to improve your child’s handwriting skills, this is a great craft to do it.

Recycled CD Flamingo Craft

I Heart Arts And Crafts

Recycling is something we need to instill in our children. With this craft, children can understand just what it means to recycle and repurpose something that was trash.

Bird Crafts

Cupcake Liner Toucan

I Heart Crafty Things

Practice those cutting skills with this craft. All you need are some cupcake liners or coffee filters.

Paper Plate Valentines Craft

The Inspiration Edit

These super cute birdies are perfect for making creative and fun Valentine’s Day cards.

Bird Crafts

Pipe Cleaner Peacock

Artsy Crafty Mom

If you have pipe cleaners, feathers, and Googly eyes, this is a super fun craft kids can really get creative with.

Simple Parrots

A Spectacled Owl

What I really love about this craft is that kids learn that everything doesn’t have to look exact or be perfect. Not only that but they can express their creativity.

Toilet Paper Roll Peacock

Easy Peasy And Fun

Here is another fun Peacock craft. Spice it up by using different colored strips of paper for the feathers.

Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft

Craft Play Learn

These little penguins are super cute bird crafts to make after watching Disney’s Penguins. Additionally, they would make super cute Christmas tree ornaments.

penguin yarn craft

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Bird Crafts

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