Top 10 Parental Control Apps to Manage Screen Time

In our tech-savvy world, screen time has become a significant parenting worry, leading to cyberbullying, sleep disruption, and other alarming issues. To mitigate these concerns, it’s crucial to establish limits on your child’s screen usage. Using top-notch free apps to restrict screen time can help. Do you need the best parenting tips? Then use parental control apps that will allow you to take control of your child’s digital life and protect him from the dangers of the Internet.

SCreen Time

Discover Apple’s Screen Time, the ultimate parental control tool built right into iOS. It empowers you to have full control over your child’s iPhone or iPad, limit access to their device at bedtime, and regulate the amount of time they spend on certain apps, categories of apps, or the device as a whole. Although setting it up might be confusing at first, it is hands down the most reliable solution out there, thanks to Apple’s strict software and hardware policies. Forget about other parenting apps, Screen Time has got your back.

AirDroid Parental Control

Looking for an app that can help manage your child’s screen time? AirDroid Parental Control is an excellent choice! This user-friendly app allows you to monitor and guide your child’s online activity, helping them maintain healthy digital habits. With AirDroid, you can keep your child safe online, block potentially harmful games, and check their location. You can even send instant alerts or pre-configured messages directly to their device, and sync notifications from social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Let AirDroid Parental Control help you keep your child safe and healthy online!


Attention parents of kids ages 13 and up! Keep track of your child’s Android phone usage with Qustodio’s annual subscription. Set overall screen-time limits and block out specific times when the phone is off-limits. Plus, with Qustodio’s app, you can monitor app and activity usage and receive real-time updates on your child’s screen-time activities. Say goodbye to phone battles and hello to peace of mind with Qustodio.

You may have already figured out how to manage a child’s screen time, but this is not enough to protect the child. You should think about security tools while your child is using the Internet. The easiest way is VPN for Mac. In addition to protection, the service can also Netflix unblocked and other services, and websites with regional restrictions. VeePN offers one of the most reliable options, especially since it has a free trial. With a VPN, you can protect your child from stalking, hacking, and infection of their device.

Google Family Link

Discover Google Family Link, a free smartphone app that empowers parents to manage their child’s Android device. Set boundaries on screen time with flexible limits, block specific apps, and establish a bedtime schedule for safe and healthy mobile phone use. Get in control and prioritize your family’s digital well-being with ease.

Kidslox Screen Time

Need a simple and efficient way to control your child’s screen time? Check out Kidslox! Our app offers parental controls that make it easy to track your child’s location, block apps, and monitor their app usage. With Kidslox, you can feel confident promoting healthy tech habits in your home. Join the many parents who rely on Kidslox to raise happy and healthy kids in the digital age.

FamiSafe Screen Time

Keep your child’s phone and tablet usage safe and healthy with FamiSafe. Our parental control app provides numerous monitoring and tracking features, including exceptional screen time limitations. FamiSafe ensures your child has a secure online experience. Trust us to give your family peace of mind.

OurPact Parental Control

Concerned about your kids spending too much time on their iOS devices? OurPact is the solution for you. As the leading app for limiting screen time, it offers simple and intuitive controls available on iPads, iPhones, iPods, and more. Take charge of your family’s screen usage with ease through this centralized platform.

Bark Screen Time Limit

Are you concerned about your children’s online safety and the amount of time they spend on screens? Look no further than the Bark Screen Time Limit App! Our sophisticated app uses cutting-edge algorithms and machine learning to monitor screen time on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Whether you’re a parent or simply seeking to manage your own device usage, Bark is the ideal solution. Trust in the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are safeguarded online.

Net Nanny

Protect your children with Net Nanny Parental Control app. Control and monitor their device usage easily with a variety of methods that extend beyond the computer to your smartphone, tablet, and other connected devices. For 25 years, Net Nanny has provided premier, family-friendly app solutions that have been responsible for hundreds of verified child safety policies. Combined with VeePN free, you can reliably protect your child from inappropriate content and cyberbullying. Installing multiple apps is a small price to pay for a child’s safety.


As a parent, you can now take control of your child’s usage of Smartphones and Tablets with ease and safety using FamilyTime parental controls. This app offers multiple features to track your child’s location, limit screen time, block unwanted apps, and monitor their internet browsing activities. It applies to all iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, and as a free app, it is the best solution to limit your child’s screen time.


In conclusion, there are many apps and services available to help you manage your child’s screen time. Whether it’s setting limits, blocking apps, or monitoring activity, these tools can help you ensure your family has a safe and secure digital experience. We recommend trying out some of the options we’ve listed above to find the best fit for your family.

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