Preschool Color Recognition Sheets

One of the first things children learn is their colors. Using these color recognition sheets, preschoolers can learn their colors as well as their color words in no time!

color sheets for preschool kids

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How to Use Color Recognition Sheets

These sheets are really tools to help kids learn both their colors and their color words. I personally would use these color recognition sheets along with other resources. Here are some ideas for using them:

  1. Do one color per day.
  2. Find things around the house that are the same color.
  3. Use the “red” crayon to circle all the red items.
  4. Point out the color word and how to spell it
  5. Find songs on Youtube that help kids learn their colors as well as how to spell their color words.

Color Word Songs

If you are looking for some educational songs that go along with these fun color recognition sheets, here are some good ones to use:

Download Your free color recognition sheets Here!


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