Shape Sudoku For Kids

If you are wanting to teach your kids how to play Sudoku, you will love this Shape Sudoku For Kids. This is a simple and easy Sudoku puzzle that kids, even as young as toddlers, can learn how to play. Print off this easy sudoku puzzle and teach kids how to play Sudoku.

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How To Teach Kids Shapes

This fun printable is a great way to teach kids how to play Sudoku and learn their shapes. This is a fun twist on teaching shapes that is a different from most techniques. Kids will have fun learning which shape is which and how each shape is different from another.

As you are working through the puzzle, tell your child which shape is which and do your best to get the kids to say the shapes on their own. This will get easier and easier as the kids learn which shape is which.

How To Play Sudoku

When playing Sudoku, the goal is to fill in the empty spaces of the puzzle. The trick to the Sudoku is that there can only be one of each shape in a row and only one shape in each column. That means there is no repeating. This can be tricky when there are many empty spaces and the puzzle is much larger, but since this puzzle is meant for children, it is the perfect size and ease to teach kids how to play Sudoku.

Printable Sudoku Puzzles For Kids

When you want to make sure you are using a Sudoku Puzzle for Kids. This is the perfect type of sudoku puzzle for kids. There is only 1 space in each for kids to fill in. As the puzzles get harder, kids need to fill in more and more spaces which will need more logic and problem solving. Using this shape sudoku for kids puzzle is a way to teach these skills and this can be a great building block for learning how to do harder puzzles.

Download Your Shape Printable Here!

Once you have downloaded the shape printable, you will want to print the sheets out. There are 2 ways to use these printables. One way is to have the kids to complete this Sudoku puzzle is to have the kids glue the answers into the blank spaces once they know the answers. Another option is to have the kids place the answers into the space and then once they are done, remove the pieces and then save the puzzle to complete at another time. This way, kids can complete the puzzle over and over again.

Here Are More Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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shape sudoku for kids

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