Printable Sudoku Puzzles Monsters

Printable Sudoku Puzzles Monsters

Use this Monster Printable Sudoku Puzzle to teach kids, even preschoolers, how to play Sudoku. This game is perfect for teaching kids how to problem solve and to think logically.

How To Play Sudoku For Kids

Learning to play Sudoku is a great skill for kids. Sudoku teaches kids how to problem solve and work through the puzzle using logic. These simple Sudoku For Kids are a great way to introduce how to play Sudoku.

A Sudoku puzzles is solved by working through each row and column, sometimes with additional squares for harder puzzles, and making sure there is only one of each number or picture in each. In each row and each column, there can be no repeated pieces.

Tips For Solving Sudoku

The first thing to do when solving a Sudoku puzzle is to find a row, column or square that only has 1 space. One where there is only one answer. Once that is filled in, it will often cause another space to only have 1 opened space or possible answer. Going through like this, most of the time it is an easy puzzle to complete. With this Monster Sudoku printable puzzle, it is made much easier for kids. There are no squares in addition to the columns and rows. This is a great way to start teaching kids to solve Sudoku.

Printable Sudoku For Kids

Having free Sudoku printables like these are great for teaching kids to play Sudoku. It is a cheap way to keep the kids entertained and learning whether it is school break or just a rainy afternoon. These Sudoku printables can be used to do the puzzles once by gluing the pieces into place or it can be used over and over again by placing the pieces of the puzzle on the empty space and then storing it all in a baggie to save it for another day.

Download Your Monster Sudoku Printable Here!

After you have printed this Sudoku puzzle be sure to check out the other puzzles we have. These puzzles can be used to teach, as part of a homescooling lesson, or as a way to keep kids entertained.

Here Are More Kids Printable Sudoku Puzzles

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