Jack Skellington Face Activity For Kids

You needn’t always rely on your television or other electronic devices to keep your child busy during the holidays. You can entertain them with some fun art-related activities they can do at home. 

Line drawing and coloring are among the best creative, educational activities for children today. They not only help get your child’s creative juices flowing, they help them learn about colours as well.

If your child is familiar with the popular animated movie ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, they’ll recognize the character of Jack Skellington right away. This will add to their enthusiasm over filling in this colouring page.

It may seem a little complicated but line drawing is quite easy and your child is sure to find it fun and engaging. You won’t need any professional tools either to get them started on this activity; just a few basic art supplies will suffice. 

Read on to find out more on how you can make use of this coloring page and the supplies you’ll need for it.


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Why This Jack Skellington Coloring Page Is Good For Kids 

This coloring page can provide a great pastime for your kids when it’s too cold or too late for them to head outdoors and play. It helps engage their mind in a challenging yet creative way. 

You can either leave them to their own devices so they can complete this activity by themselves or help them do it. If you choose the latter, you’ll be able to turn it into an educational activity by teaching them how to draw straight lines and the names of all the colours they pick. 

Don’t worry about the drawing appearing scary or disturbing to your child either. Jack Skellington has been a popular character among kids for years. Even if they are a little alarmed by his appearance initially, they’ll soon get over their fears and immerse themselves into this fun activity. 


Supplies Required For This Jack Skellington Face Activity  

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How To Make This fun nightmare before christmas art project

Begin by downloading the Jack Skellington face template.

jack skelington face coloring page and template

Younger children may want to simply color in the different sections of Jack Skellington’s face. Older children can use a ruler to create a detailed line study!

jack skelington face coloring page and template

Once complete be sure to back the picture on backing paper and maybe try out some more line studies here on Craft Play Learn.

jack skellington face coloring page

Enjoy your Jack Skellington craft and display on the wall or make into a gift.

Download Your Jack Skellington Face Template Here!

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