Penguin Coloring Page For Kids

Penguin Coloring Page For Kids or Line Study Idea.

Penguins are one of the most interesting animals to learn about and your kids probably already love them. Since they’re so widely depicted in movies, books, cartoons and TV shows, it’s no surprise that your child may be familiar with penguins already. 

Having a penguin – themed colouring page can sound quite strange since the only colours you can seemingly work with would be black and white. This is why having line drawings for a penguin coloring page is a fairly good idea. 

This penguin line study is the perfect recreational and educational activity for your toddler and it’s quite easy to learn as well. 

Are you ready to get started? Let’s dig in and find out how you can make the most out of this coloring page.

penguin line study one

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Why This Penguin Coloring Page Is Useful 

Not only is coloring a fun activity, it can prove to be a great stress buster as well. Yes, toddlers can get stressed too and coloring will help them release some of that stress, especially around the holidays when they get quite restless at home. 

Line studies can serve as an educational activity too. Attempting to draw straight lines will allow your child get in adequate practice for when they’ll have to write the alphabet and numbers. 

Moreover, allowing your child to engage in this fun activity will give you some time to yourself as well. This would be especially useful around now when it’s nearly Christmas and you’ll be having a great number of tasks to take care of around the house. 


One of the very best features of this activity is that you only require the most basic, readily-available art supplies for your child to participate in it. It doesn’t entail using any sharp tools on the part of your child so you can just go ahead and leave them to it. 

Supplies needed for THIS penguin line study

Following are the few supplies you’ll need to use this colouring page. 

Busy Now? Why Not Pin This Penguin Craft For Later!

using this penguin line study

To start this craft with the little ones download the free penguin line study.

penguin line study and coloring page for kids

The kids can either color the penguin directly or get a ruler and pen and create a line study which is super fun and of course will keep them busy for some time.

penguin line study and coloring page for kids

Once complete, you can cut out and mount the penguin art on some backing paper!

penguin art on backing paper

Why Penguins Are Interesting For Children 

Penguins aren’t just adorable; they’re also fascinating creatures in their own right. These cute little creatures usually interest children because of their unusual appearance and characteristics. 

You can talk to your child about some intriguing features of penguins as and when they’re working on the colouring page. Some of these features are the fact that penguins are waterproof and they absolutely love moving in groups. 

Also, penguins are extremely adept divers and are among the best swimmers in the world. Apart from talking to your kids about penguins you could even show them a fun movie on penguins such as ‘Happy Feet’ or ‘Surf’s Up’ to pique their interest on penguins. 

Enjoy this fun penguin line study and coloring page activity!

penguin art on backing paper

Download Your Penguin Coloring Page Here!

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