Polar Bear Paper Craft And Writing Activity

When boredom strikes your kids are sure to find a way to keep themselves entertained. In the absence of good options, they may just end up causing chaos in your house. 

With the Christmas season upon us it’s no surprise that you would have your hands full. You may be on the lookout for ways to entertain them and keep the occupied for a few hours. Once they’re happily engaged in a fun activity, you can focus on the many domestic tasks that lie ahead of you. 

We have just the solution for you here. This polar bear paper craft activity is perfect for bored kids looking to occupy themselves around the holidays. 

POLAR BEAR paper craft

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A Fun Winter Craft For Kids

This activity is perfect for cold winter days when you can’t let your child venture outdoors. It’s the perfect time to keep them busy with some fun art and craft activities. 

Since this particular activity is based on polar bears, your child is sure to find it amusing. Polar bears may be wild animals but they’re popular all the same due to their beautiful appearance. 

Children around the world are so accustomed to playing with teddy bears that they tend to think all bears are friendly creatures. Well, who can blame them? Polar bears are furry, adorable animals that can endure the harshest of winters.

Talking to your child about polar bears and how they survive in the cold can help them get more invested in this fun activity. 



polar bear craft supplies

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HOW TO MAKE THIS fun winter paper CRAFT

You will need to download the printable polar bear template to create this fun paper craft. You can print off on the recommended colors or print on white paper and color in the different parts of the template.

Once the template pieces are printed and colored, cut out using the scissors. This is a great chance for little ones to practice cutting skills and develop their fine motor co-ordination.

Assemble you Polar bear template pieces and use the glue stick to join them together.

You can now add this fun paper bear to a backing paper, display or winter scene.

polar bear writing activity for kids

There is also the opportunity to use the writing prompt and extend this activity into the literacy and writing areas of learning.

Download Your Polar Bear Template Here!

POLAR BEAR paper craft

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