Super Fun Nativity Craft For Kids

If you’re looking for fun ways to teach the Nativity to kids whilst crafting over the Christmas holidays then why not try this super fun and easy Nativity popsicle stick craft. Create Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus along with the stable animals using this fun free nativity printable and teach kids the true meaning of Christmas.


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The Nativity

I’ve always loved the story of the Nativity. Whether you’re reading from a kids book or reading the Nativity from scriptures it’s a great thing to share with the little ones as you celebrate the Christmas season.

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how to make these popsicle stick nativity craft

Step -1:

Select different colored craft papers for the Nativity scene papercraft dolls. Select colored craft papers for the star, Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the animal crafts.. Trace the template patterns on the selected craft paper and cut them out nicely. 

Step -2:

Grab the patterns for the Mary and Joseph doll crafts. Take the 2 round cut-outs and stick the hair pattern on one of the round cut-outs and the beard cutout on the other one. Stick the small round cutout near a side of the oval shaped pattern (Baby Jesus). 

Step – 3:

Stick the scarf cutouts on the top backside of the dress cutouts. The wider ends of the square patterns are the bottom sides of the dresses. 

Step – 4:

Stick the head patterns between the dress and the scarf patterns, to the front side. Make sure to leave a cm of the scarf pattern along the top side of the head pattern. Stick the strip horizontally over the head pattern of the Joseph papercraft doll.  

Step – 5: 

Use a black sharpie to draw the eyes, nose and mouth of the Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus papercraft dolls. 

Step – 6:

Similarly, trace, cut out and stick the animal patterns to complete the animal crafts. Attach the papercraft patterns on popsicle sticks to complete the craft. Stick the star cut-out on a popsicle stick as well. 

Here Add a Create Card/ Using Blocks

Download Your Printable Nativity Template Here!

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