Mrs Claus Christmas Line Study For Kids

Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas. That’s what you hear Santa say each year but what does Mrs Claus say? Well that’s one thing you can discuss with the little ones as they enjoy this fun Christmas printable and Mrs Claus line study. Coloring is fun and when it’s Christmas time you can get creative with the kids and use these free templates here at Craft Play learn.

mrs claus coloring page

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WHEN diD mRS clAUS maRRY santa?

According to the internet, Santa claus married Holly McBride back in 1815. That means they have been around for over 200 years and are still going. What a long marriage!

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HOW TO use this mrs claus coloring sheet

To enjoy this fun Christmas activity simply download the free Mrs Claus printable at the bottom of the page and print off.

Grab a pen and some crayons and start your line study.

Once all the lines are created use your crayons to color in the different parts of Mrs Clause face, body and hair. Don’t forget you can use wep coloring materials you have. You could even use paints or wool to make something different.

Enjoy this fun activity and try out the other Christmas themed crafts and line studies here on Craft Play Learn.

Download Your Mrs Claus Template Here!

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