Super Fun Christmas Elf Craft For Kids

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his Christmas season help your children beat the winter blues with some colourful craft activities. If your child is old enough or artistically-inclined from a very young age, this activity is quite wholesome for them as it includes cutting, pasting, colouring, and writing. 

If your child is not a toddler anymore, they’ll find this craft project to be challenging but not too difficult. On the other hand, if they are a toddler, they will require your help with the cutting and pasting of this adorable little elf figure. 

If you’ve got your hands full preparing for Christmas and New Year Celebrations, this activity will help keep your kids busy and out of the way leaving you with time to go about your chores. 

This set even features a section in which your child would have to fill out their ideas on how they can catch an elf. This would compel them to use their rich imagination and come up with creative ways to set up a trap for Santa’s little helpers. 

Be prepared to read some truly funny, adorable answers from your little one here.

Read on for details on how you can use this set and the supplies you’ll need for it. 

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Creative Christmas Activities For Kids 

Since children have seen elves depicted in various Christmas stories, movies and TV shows, they’re sure to be familiar with these small, point-eared creatures. Santa’s helpers are those that never get tired of working so that children around the world can have great presents on Christmas. 

You could turn on a fun Christmas movie that features elves like the modern-day classic ‘Elf’ or even ‘The Polar Express’ or ‘Arthur Christmas’ to add to your little one’s excitement.

Who knows, after they’re done with this activity, your very own little elf may want to help you put up the tree and other Christmas decoration in your home. A win-win all around, wouldn’t you say?

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To make this super cute Elf paper craft download the elf template and free printable.

Cut out the template pieces ready to assemble together.

Now you have all the template pieces ready, assemble and glue your Christmas elf.

Print the writing prompt and have fun extending this craft into the literacy arena allowing your kids to learn the best they can as they celebrate the Christmas season.

santas elf christmas writing prompt

Download Your Elf Craft Template Here

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CHRISTMAS ELF paper craft

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