Santa Paper Craft For Kids

Christmas is pretty much synonymous with Santa Claus. After all, which child doesn’t love the jovial, gift-laden Saint who’s been so popular for centuries? 

Your Christmas decorations around the house and maybe even the treats you bake must heavily feature Santa Claus. So if your child is already so familiar with the legendary figure, they’re sure to love this Santa Paper Craft Activity. 

It’s not too complicated – it involves some basic cutting and pasting and only toddlers may require some supervision to perform it. Scroll down for information on supplies you’ll be requiring for this activity and step by step instructions on how you can do it. 

make a paper santa craft

Creative Christmas Activities For Kids 

Introducing your child to the exciting world of art and craft is sure to open the doors of their vivid imagination. Children love playing around with colours and textures so they’ll take to this activity right away. 

If your child is too young to be handling a pair of scissors by themself, you could deal with the cutting part of the activity and have them glue all the pieces together. If, on the other hand, your child is older you could trust them with a small pair of craft scissors or plastic scissors designed for children. 

Your child will experience a sense of accomplishment once they complete this activity and you can even use the finished product as part of your Christmas decoration. This is sure to please your tot and leave them asking for more such activities. 


Supplies Required For This Santa Paper Craft 

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begin by downloading the Father Chrsitmas printable and print off the pieces on the correct colored cardstock.

Next cut out the different template pieces from Santa’s hat to the beard and eyes.

Assemble your Santa paper craft together and glue together using the glue stick.

Finally use this craft as a way to get kids writing. Add the writing prompt and have the children talk about the food Santa likes to eat including his favorite cookies. Enjoy!

santa writing prompt

This fun Santa themed craft will make a great wall display in a classroom or a fabulous piece of art in the home. Have fun and be sure to check out our other Christmas themed craft ideas! Enjoy!

Download Your Santa Craft template

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paper santa craft for kids

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