Snowman Paper Craft And Writing Activity

Tired of looking for ways to keep your children busy around the holidays? Want to divert their attention from using electronic devices all day? We have just the solution for you. 

The overexposure to electronic devices can have several harmful effects on your child and you should try and curb their dependence on these as early as possible. But how do you achieve this?

One of the many effective ways of diverting your child’s attention from their TV time is to assign them a fun art and craft activity. Such an activity will ensure your child stays busy while you make arrangements to usher in the New Year. 

This snowman paper craft activity is an easy and fun way to keep your children happily occupied for hours together. It’ll enable your kids to learn a few basic art and craft skills as well. 

snowman paper craft

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Frosty The Snowman Activity And Craft

This simple yet fun activity can be enjoyable for children of all ages. Older children will find this activity stimulating while younger ones may find it a little challenging. If your child is too young to handle scissors confidently, go ahead and assist them with cutting the pieces.

Putting together this paper snowman will likely ignite your child’s curiosity and imagination. Be prepared to answer several questions on snowmen if you’re around! 

While helping your child out with this activity, you could explain the concept of building a real snowman and how it’s been around for centuries. This will make your child want to build a real one on their own so you could plan something for them along those lines too. 

You could even teach your child to sing the popular song ‘Frosty the Snowman’ to really get them into the holiday spirit.

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SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR This fun snowman craft

paper snowman craft supplies

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How to make this fun snowman craft

The first thing you’ll need to do is print out your Snowman printable template on the correct color cardstock.

paper snowman craft template pieces

Alternatively print out on white paper and color in the different sections of your snowman.

completed paper snowman craft

Once the template pieces are ready cut them out and begin to assemble your snowman.

snowman craft for kids

Now your craft is ready you can use this Snowman craft to create a fun display at home or in the classroom.

binary comment

Make a calendar or ask the older kids to do a writing session using the writing prompt.Enjoy!

snowman writing activity for kids

Enjoy this great Snowman craft and have fun with all our free printables here at Craft Play Learn.

Download your paper Snowman craft template here!

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snowman paper craft

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