Tips for Creating an Eye-Catching Art Journal

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to bond with your child while relaxing and practicing mindfulness skills? Creating an art journal with your child is perfect for unwinding and cooling down on a hot summer day. Combining creative writing with expressive visual art is a great way to instill healthy emotional outlets into your child while creating something so beautiful and unique.

If you’re thinking about taking up this hobby, but don’t know where to begin, check out these tips for creating an eye-catching art journal with your child this summer break.

Develop a Few Creative Templates

Some artists prefer to go with the flow, while others prefer working with a template. However, if you and your child are beginners at art journaling, finding a basic template and structuring your journal around it will help you create eye-catching masterpieces.

For example, your child may prefer their goals page to have a bulleted format with stickers, while their daily reflection page comprises decorative text and creative drawings.

Start Your Artwork With a Background

Starting your artwork with a blank page can be challenging. Please encourage your child to select a background or border before creating their journal entry. Doing this will help develop a color scheme and theme. They can use different materials and patterns for their background like painting with pumpkin seeds; don’t limit them to blank white sheets! Instead, use magazine cutouts, watercolor, tissue paper, etc. 

Invest in a Variety of Art Supplies

You want your and your child’s art journal to be unique and adorned with colorful decorations and accessories. Use materials like stickers, stamps, markers, washable paint, wallpaper, crayons, and more! You should add foil art to your journal pages. If you have a laser printer and foil paper, you’re in luck! However, If you’re invested in creating a high-quality art journal, then you should add foil accent to your pages the way professionals do. You can use a laser printer machine or go to a professional print shop. Make sure you have a variety of art supplies to contribute to a bright and creative journal.

Illustrate Your Favorite Quote

Encourage your child to decide on their all-time favorite quote to illustrate in their journal. These illustrations can be a literal depiction of the quote or a combined version of text and symbols. This is a great way to allow your child to express themselves artistically and give them complete artistic control. 

Get Inspired by Favorite Artwork or Other Journals

Looking at other artwork or media can help you and your child create beautiful art pages. Get inspired by other art journals or artwork you and your child love, and try to recreate your version to tell your own story. 

You don’t have to be a professional to create an art journal. All you need is your notebook and art supplies to begin! Use these tips to create an eye-catching art journal with your child this summer. You and your child can make one together or separately; this is a great summer activity to make memories and create beautiful artwork. 

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