Fun Earth Day Crafts For Kids

April is almost here, and as spring and Earth Day is approaching, it’s time to think about fun ways to teach kids to take care of our planet. These Earth Day crafts for kids will get children excited to learn about recycling, reducing pollution, and being more environmentally conscious. That is, after all, what Earth Day is all about.

You’ll find lots of fun crafts here that kids of all ages will enjoy, but they’re easy enough to do with toddlers and preschoolers. The list features several easy paper plate crafts and other fun projects like slime, suncatchers, and seed bombs. Basically, you’ll find everything you need to make Earth Day fun and educational for your little ones.

Choose a few activities from this list of Earth Day crafts to plan your April 22 celebration, and don’t forget to pin it to save it for next year!

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Fun Earth Day Crafts for Kids

The Lorax Truffula Trees Craft from Craft Play Learn:

The Lorax is the perfect book for Earth Day, and this craft is an excellent extension of the lessons in the story. Make simple Truffula trees with tissue paper and straws. You can use paper straws if you’d like, but this is a good way to use up any remaining plastic straws you may have in the house.

Happy Earth Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

This combines a fun craft and activity for Earth Day that the kids will love. Learn which activities make the earth happy and which ones do not. This is a great way to teach kids how to take care of the planet in straightforward terms that they’ll understand.

Paper Plate Earth Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

This is a simple craft that kids of all ages can do! You probably have the paper plates on hand to make this one already.

Earth in Your Hands Craft from The Simple Parent:

Here’s another fun paper plate Earth Day craft that’s perfect for preschoolers. It reinforces the concept that caring for the earth is in our hands. It’s a sweet little keepsake for parents, too, since it features their kids’ handprints.

Puffy Newspaper Tree Craft from I Heart Crafty Things: 

Recycled newspapers to create some beautiful puffy trees for Earth Day. Use this activity as a way to initiate a conversation about the vital role trees play in reducing pollution!

Earth Day Slime from Natural Beach Living: 

Kids who love slime are going to have a blast making this ooey, gooey slime for earth day. Mix the blue and green colors together in a circular container to try to make it look like the earth. This is a fun activity to do before heading outdoors to celebrate the day.

Suncatcher Earth Craft from The Craft Train:

If you’re short on time but still want to get crafty with the kids, make this lovely paper towel Earth suncatcher. It’s done in about five minutes, excluding drying time. Seeing this in your window will remind you to make good choices to take care of the earth.

Cotton Ball Earth Day Craft from Non-Toy Gifts: 

Kids will love using soft, fluffy cotton balls to make this earth-themed craft. They’ll get to practice their fine motor skills grasping and placing the cotton balls, as well as painting them. If you’d like to make this craft quickly, you’ll need to use a hot glue gun. If using regular glue, you’ll need to allow time for time to dry before painting.

Earth Day Corner Bookmark from Red Ted Art:

Does your child love to read? Bookmarks are always fun crafts for little bookworms, and these earth corner bookmarks are super cute. This would be a fun project to do with a group of kids, either at school or with a homeschool group.

Clay Craft for Earth Day from Adventure in a Box:

Use clay or play dough to create models of the earth. This fun, hands-on activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, but even older kids will enjoy it. If you use air-dry clay, kids can add the model to their rooms as a reminder to be earth-conscious!

Seed Bombs for Earth Day from Kitchen Counter Chronicle:

What better way to celebrate our planet than by doing something good and beautiful for it? Making seed bombs is a terrific lesson for kids, and they can give them out to friends and neighbors to encourage the growth of wildflowers all over.

Button Earth Preschool Craft from Non-Toy Gifts:

This is a simple craft that you can make using only paper plates, paint, glue, and green buttons! You may need to draw an outline of the land on the plate for toddlers and preschoolers, but older children will be able to place the buttons freehand to create the shape of the landmasses.

CD Ornament Earth Day Craft from Our Kid Things:

Many of you moms probably have some old CDs tucked away somewhere, so why not put them to use in your crafts? This beautiful Earth Day ornament will look lovely hanging on the way or in a window where the light can reflect off the pretty colors.

K-Cup Earth Craft from Artsy Momma:

If you use a Keurig, turn those k-cups into craft materials. This k-cup earth is so tiny and cute!

Shaving Cream Painting for Earth Day from The Simple Parent:

Combine a fun paper plate craft with squishy shaving cream painting! Swirling and blending those greens and blues creates a gorgeous paper plate earth.

Tissue Paper Globe from Gluesticks:

Turn a styrofoam ball into a model of the earth using tissue paper. This can be a fun craft as part of a solar system study, or a standalone craft for Earth Day.

Coffee Filter Earth from About a Mom:

Use markers to color coffee filters and a water mist to spread the color all over. Blue and green colors bleed and blend together to create lovely shades that look like the earth.

Stained Glass Earth Suncatchers from Crafts on Sea: 

These simple suncatchers are lots of fun for toddlers and preschoolers. Your windows will look so colorful when the light shines through the blue and green paper.

How do you plan on celebrating Earth Day with the kids? Which crafts will you make?

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