the lorax craft for kids

I just love reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss especially when talking about Earth Day! Although it may be a little over my preschoolers head, it teaches lessons about our planet, consequences, and cause and effect. These are all skills little ones need to learn and build upon.

This Lorax Truffula Trees Craft is the perfect way to instill important lessons into little ones in a fun way! 

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What’s Needed for this Lorax Craft

How To Make Lorax Truffula Trees Craft

Here are the step by step directions for this Lorax paper plate craft idea.

Cut 10-12  1-inch squares out of the purple, pink and orange tissue paper. Then cut 25  1-inch squares out of the green tissue paper.

Take the pencil and place the eraser end in the middle of a green square. 

Twist the paper up around the pencil and dip it in a tiny bit of glue.

Place it on the bottom of the paper plate and slowly lift out the pencil. Repeat process until you have a line of grass.

Take the three straws and cut different lengths. Glue each one onto the plate, making sure to have one end in the grass.

Repeat step 2 to make the Truffula trees. Press down each tissue paper in a circle to create the shape of the tree top. Only 10-12 squares will be needed to make the trees.

Let Dry. Your wonderful Lorax craft is now ready to display!

Have fun making this Dr. Seuss craft to go with the book The Lorax.

the lorax craft for kids

This really is a fun craft for kids and an easy Dr Seuss themed craft. I really love The Lorax and I’m sure the little ones will enjoy this book and Lorax craft too!

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