Kid-Friendly Art Supplies That Will Last Forever

All caregivers want their children to thrive. Creativity is one of the keys to thriving, and creating art is one of the best ways to truly thrive. Art allows children to express themselves and improve cognitive and physical skills, from imagination to fine motor skills. While art can come from anything, certain art supplies can make your child’s creative processes easier. Keep reading to learn about kid-friendly art supplies that will last forever, helping them thrive through their creative processes at every age.

Oil Pastels

Oil pastels come in stick form, often similar to a crayon, and are great for helping your child develop fine motor skills. They’re made of a pigment and a binder that is often a type of non-drying oil. This non-drying oil binder makes oil pastels softer than other handheld coloring devices, such as traditional wax crayons. That means there’s less risk of your child pushing too hard and snapping the end off their crayon. While broken crayons still color, it’s often easier for children to grip coloring sticks that are roughly six inches long, not smaller broken pieces. This makes oil pastels an excellent choice for your child’s artistic journey.

The oil also acts as a preserving agent. This is why oil pastels can last for years, especially if they’re well cared for.

Modeling Clay

Clay is another great artistic medium to develop fine motor skills. It’s a malleable substance, and you can find various types of modeling clay. You can air-dry some types of modeling clay or bake them in a kiln, but others can stay malleable forever. As long as you store this ever-malleable clay in an airtight container, it can last for years. Your child will love creating 3D art again and again.

Keeping modeling clay in a safe airtight container may sound difficult with young children around. However, there are many organizational hacks for craft supplies that you can use to keep art supplies safe and out of curious hands. For example, you could place modeling clay in an airtight container and put that container in a bin on a high shelf that only you can reach.

Mica Pigment Powder

Mica is an all-natural mineral that you can find in everything from art supplies to computers. In artistic supplies such as pigment powder, mica provides a beautiful color and shine that your children will love. It’s reminiscent of glitter but far better for the environment and just as long-lasting. You can use mica pigment powder in many ways, including to color paint. It makes an excellent replacement for liquid pigments since one of the major differences between powder pigments and liquid pigments is their shelf life. Liquid pigments can dry out, but sealed powder pigments can last for years and add color to almost any project your child can imagine.

There are many kid-friendly art supplies that can bring your child’s creative vision to life. However, these specific supplies will last forever and contribute to your child’s artistic journey as they grow. Remember to store them properly to protect your child and the supply, helping it last longer so you get your full money’s worth.

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