5 Pieces of Equipment Every Playground Needs

Playgrounds are essential public spaces where kids of all ages can enjoy being active. The brightly colored equipment stirs kids’ imaginations and teaches hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Check out these five pieces of equipment every playground needs.

5 Pieces of Equipment Every Playground Needs

Swing Sets

If you have nothing else on your local playground but a set of swings, your kids will still have fun. There’s something magical about a swing set, and many kids love the thrill of flying up into the air. What they don’t know is that swinging is an amazing workout—it works your core muscles as you control your body’s pendulum motion.

Playground Slides

What kid doesn’t love a slide? Even babies and toddlers can enjoy going down the slide with the help of an adult. For older kids, make sure they’re going down the slide safely and not trying to climb back up. If your playground’s slides are metal, watch out for hot afternoons when that metal can be scorching.

Dome Climber

You’ve probably seen dome-shaped metal jungle gyms at playgrounds. Kids can climb all over the dome and even use the bars like monkey bars. Geodesic domes make wonderful alternatives to Lifetime brand jungle gyms because they’re made of galvanized steel, which won’t rust. Plus, they’re incredibly strong, so you don’t need to worry about older kids enjoying the equipment, too.


A seesaw is easily one of the five pieces of equipment every playground needs. Moving a seesaw requires two kids who both get a workout as they use their legs to push up and down from the ground. Plus, it’s a great activity for kids to do with their parents! Make sure to get the camera ready.

Playground Climber

There’s nothing more eye-catching for a child than a playground with an enormous playground climber (also called a play system). These are the large, brightly-colored structures that often come with slides and monkey bars attached. They can be multi-level and include a number of tunnels, games, and even talk tubes that allow kids to play telephone.

As parents of young children, it is important to know that the playgrounds and recreational equipment we use for our kids are safe and up-to-date with the latest safety standards. This is why regular maintenance and replacement of daycare playgrounds and their equipment are essential to ensuring a safe atmosphere for our little ones.

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