Why It’s Important To Show School Spirit in the Classroom

Why It’s Important To Show School Spirit in the Classroom

Nothing embodies school spirit more than game days. Everyone is in a positive mood, and students are buzzing with excitement. It’s important to recreate this and show school spirit in the classroom throughout the school year. Learn why this is essential in the environment you cultivate for your class.

School Spirit Drives Pride

Students who walk into their classroom decked out in school colors will feel more proud of their school. The acronym PRIDE—perseverance, respect, integrity, discipline, and excellence—provides great examples of traits students can implement into their academics. School pride will reflect in students’ behaviors and confidence.

Builds Social Engagement

Students with school spirit are more willing to work together cooperatively and build better bonds with their peers. Classroom activities that encourage school spirit can also be excellent ways for students to interact with individuals they might not normally talk to. DIY ideas for showing school spirit can help older students build relationships with their peers inside and outside the classroom. For example, sporting events create a spirited environment with themes, colors, posters, and noise makers.

Encourages Academic Success

Academic success and showing school spirit in the classroom go hand in hand. Cultivating a positive environment in school will encourage students to be more mindful and successful in their work. Decorating with school colors and hanging up banners can also increase creativity in the classroom and benefit students’ learning.

Provides a Source of Motivation

Would you feel more motivated walking into a classroom with little to no decor or spirit, or would you feel more encouraged walking into a room with school posters, banners, and quotes? A room with more personality will motivate students! School pride can be inspiring and motivate students to work with others, study, and finish projects.

Consider adding elements of school spirit throughout your classroom to create a more positive learning environment. If students are in an atmosphere that promotes pride, they will be more likely to show it. What will you add to your classroom to show spirit?

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