Organization Hacks for All Your Craft Supplies

Organization Hacks for All Your Craft Supplies

We’ve all been there! The craft supplies take over the dining room table, living room floor, or the corner of a bedroom. If you’re looking for solutions, here are some simple and effective organization hacks you can try at home, whether you have a craft room or not. These might even help you fall in love with crafting again.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

It’s natural to lean on shelving and storage closets but using the available wall space is an excellent hack that maximizes your floor space. Things like magnetic boards, mounted hooks, or a towel bar use existing space without dipping too far into your expenses. These are all unique ways to store things like sharp objects, minor choking hazards, or hard-to-fold items.

Designate Space for Upcycling

Scraps happen. But every crafter knows that there comes a time when you only need a small piece of something to complete a task; it’s part of being crafty. Designate a specific space for all the scraps to keep common areas and new supplies tidy.

Typically, one large bin will cover all your scraps. If you notice this bin overflowing, spend some time digging through it to eliminate the remnants you know you can live without.

File Your Fabrics

Fabric filing is one of the best ways to keep your fabric organized and easily accessible. Whether you have empty drawers or invest in a small filing cabinet, folding the fabric down and neatly filing it away in a system that works for you can save you a lot of headaches.

Using a color-coded system is an excellent way to teach colors and memory recognition if you intend to use the fabric with small children.

Use Common Household Items

Think outside the box for organization hacks. We typically have things scattered throughout the home that aren’t functional where they sit. But they could serve another purpose for craft supplies.

Things like paper towel holders make great ribbon or spool holders, towel bars work for jars or hanging buckets, and spare ice cube trays work great for buttons, tacks, and pins.

Bins, Bins, Bins

Using an old bookshelf to set decorative or labeled bins on can help alleviate the burden of unwanted messes. When we label things, we have a higher chance of everyone putting items away in the right place. It can be challenging to keep a stylish home when you have small children, so using bins is an excellent way to do both.

Commonly, only the mom knows where everything belongs, but it can be a household effort to keep the supplies organized if you can label them and make them noticeable.

Don’t stress too much over keeping things 100 percent neat and tidy. Messes happen from time to time, especially when crafting. Finding unique and practical ways to stay organized in your home can help eliminate some stress and keep your creativity flowing!

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