Home Design Ideas When You Have Toddlers

Home Design Ideas When You Have Toddlers

A functional, family-friendly home doesn’t mean eliminating your sense of style. There are various ways to create a safe environment for young children that doubles as a decorative masterpiece. A few simple swaps for existing items and some compromising can transform your space into a haven for your littles and your sanity.

Here are some home design ideas when you have toddlers that are practical and stylish!

Safety Features

Of course, you can walk through the house and childproof various things, like door pulls, cabinets, and baby gates. But usually, a toddler is more persistent than that, and where there is a will, there is a way. An effective way to make your home safer for young children without comprising the home design is refiguring things such as railing systems, storage features, and rotating items around.

Materials Matter

An easy way to combat the many messes a toddler will make is to consider all the materials you choose for furniture and linens. If you feel it’s too late to buy different furniture, you can invest in spill-proof, washable covers. Things such as vinyl, microfiber, and leather are easy to clean and maintain.

Give Them Their Own Nooks

An easy home design idea when you have toddlers is creating a space designed specifically for them. Understandably, not everyone can transform a room into a playroom. But get creative and think about closets, empty wall spaces, and corners with no existing purpose.

You can easily convert an empty corner into a toddler-friendly nook by hanging a sensory board on the wall and a small toy bin next to it. This can also encourage independent play while still being within reach.

Rugs Are Essential

Rugs are essential! They can protect your flooring, create boundaries, and pull in your design aesthetic. Consider using appealing patterns to bring color to the home, and don’t be afraid to place toddler-friendly rugs in space designed for them. Additionally, they can act as placeholders for playtime or relaxation.

Consider Your Storage Efforts

If you don’t want toys strung all over the house, consider investing in visually appealing storage bins to place the toys in quickly. These are great for under tables or cubes and make cleaning up simple. There are so many styles on the market that you can find anything to fit your home’s design. If your home is feeling smaller by the day, then this could indicate that it’s time to expand. Consider building a conservatory so you can give your kids their own space to play, and study. Check out https://clearambershop.com if you need some materials to help with that.

It’s easy to feel like life with a toddler means your home’s aesthetic is out the window, but these are realistic and effective ways to do both. You don’t have to sacrifice the things you like just because you’re a parent or caregiver, but you may need to get creative and think outside the box.

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