Online Resources to Make Learning Fun for Kids

Did you know studies have shown that kids prefer to learn online through different mediums? It could be videos, PPTS, worksheets, games, and more. There is not one but many ways that you can use as parents to make learning interactive for your kids. 

Today, most children spend their time on electronic devices such as Macs or tablets, whatever is available. So, why not use this to teach them a few things while also giving them their free time? 

Wondering how to do it? We’re here with the answer. This article mentions some online resources that you can use to make learning fun for your kids at home. Let’s cut to the chase and read on! 

Make Learning Fun


Elevate your child’s learning experience with SplashLearn, the ultimate online educational platform crafted to turn learning into an exciting adventure for kids. SplashLearn offers a comprehensive array of over 8000 resources, encompassing interactive games, engaging worksheets, and live classes, all tailored to enrich the education of kids in grades pre-k to 5 in math and English Language Arts (ELA).

What sets SplashLearn apart is its commitment to making education fun. Through a vibrant and intuitive interface, children explore math and reading concepts while playing fun ELA & math games that feel more like playtime than study time. These carefully curated resources are designed to align with common core standards. The adaptive algorithm ensures that each child progresses at their own pace, building confidence and competence.

Parents and teachers can actively participate in their child’s learning journey, easily tracking progress and celebrating achievements. With SplashLearn, learning isn’t just effective; it’s a thrilling adventure that empowers kids to excel in school and beyond.


Do you see your child fascinated by nature and animals around? If yes, you must use the National Geographic Young Explorers Platform for your children. You can operate it on any operating system, whether Mac or iPhone. If you are new to MAC, you must simply log in with your Apple ID to run the system. 

Do not worry if you see a notification stating there was an error. You can solve the ‘error connecting to apple id server‘ issue in minutes. After your successful login, you can search for NGYE on any browser and look through the educational material they offer. 

You can find videos where they can learn what the explorers and scientists experience in the wilderness. The visuals are stunning in videos and keep the kids engaged and intrigued by the knowledge. 


Do you want some resources that are created by teachers and parents together? If yes, ‘ABCya!’ Is your got-to solution. You will be delighted to know that this app contains educational lessons and games. You can rest assured that your kid will indulge in a fun learning experience with the help of this resource. 

You can use this resource for Pre-K up to 6th grade. Interestingly, you can find more than 300 games that will help you understand the concepts of different subjects, be it English, math, or science. It is a handy solution for many parents whose kids find it challenging to grab ideas verbally. 


This site gives you access to over forty thousand ebooks, audiobooks, and courses in foreign languages. You can download the resources as per your requirement and your child’s age. Each audiobook and ebook has a purpose and some life skills to share. 

Many parents also use this as a great way to teach foreign languages to their kids. It enables them to get comfortable with different languages. The site is chargeable but offers a free trial for thirty days, wherein you can download as many resources as possible. 


We hope the above information makes learning fun for your kids at home. You can also search for similar resources online according to your requirement. There are subject-specific and skill-specific resources also available. You should ensure that you imbibe learning in your kids as they find it meaningful and accessible. 

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