Parenting Leader Review: Pros & Cons

Ever found yourself raising your voice to make your kids listen or help out at home? If you have, you’re not alone. In a 2020 online survey, researchers found that 1 in 5 parents yell at their kids at least once a week.

But here’s the catch – yelling might get immediate results, but research suggests it can lead to anxiety, depression, and worsened behavior in the long run.

In the pursuit of better parenting strategies, experts at Parenting Leader developed the 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge. This article breaks down what the challenge entails, its benefits, drawbacks, and shares personal experiences with Parenting Leader. Make an informed choice for you and your kids.

Parenting Leader Review

What is a Parenting Leader?

First, let’s delve into what this program is all about. A team of child and family life experts, including Derek Mitchell, Rachel Williams, Peter Sullivan, and Amanda Lawson, joined forces to create the 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge. Their mission? To transform you from an irate parent to one your kids can trust and respect.

Many parents confess to feeling guilty after raising their voices, trapped in a cycle that seems effective but wears them down. This program offers a promise of better outcomes while maintaining your composure, eliminating shouting, repetition, and stressful arguments.

The Challenge Includes:

  • Daily bite-sized lessons tackling various parenting issues, taking just 5 minutes to read or watch. You can also jot down personal notes for each lesson and save your favorites.
  • Tips and tricks for common challenges like bedtime resistance, chore avoidance, and excessive screen time.
  • Expert advice for real-life scenarios that any caregiver can relate to.
  • A parenting diary to track your progress. Make daily entries on how you apply the lessons, then return weekly to review and adjust your strategy.
  • Bonus guides on handling stubborn children, addressing homework woes, navigating power struggles, and managing backtalk.

Why Did I Join this Challenge?

My journey with the Parenting Leader program began with a heartfelt recommendation from a friend who had achieved remarkable results using it. There were two compelling reasons that prompted me to join.

First, I was grappling with parenting challenges in my household. With three kids aged 13, 9, and 7, I often found myself raising my voice to maintain order. My eldest had become inseparable from his gadgets, and I was intrigued by the promise of lessons to reduce screen time while engaging in meaningful activities.

Additionally, dealing with resistance from my eldest often led to escalating confrontations. My younger two children were no exception, refusing bedtime and bath time without a struggle. Sibling rivalry was also a constant source of exhaustion. At times, I felt like I was failing as a parent, but I was determined to change.

The second reason was the prospect of sharing my experience with others who could relate to my story. I hoped that my journey could inspire fellow parents facing similar struggles to discover lasting solutions. So, I took on the challenge, and here’s how it unfolded.

My Overall Experience

Here’s a peek into everything I learned from the challenge, as well as the changes it had on my household.

DAY 1:

The lesson focused on trigger identification. I learnt to identify what set off my yelling. One major one was finding dishes in the sink or my kids bruised after fights with each other.  The lesson guided me in analyzing them and working through them to keep my calm. 

DAY 4:

By this day I was already conscious of my triggers and so my yelling had been cut down by at least half. Today’s lesson was about sticking to your instructions instead of folding to your kids, making requests in a way they’d obey, and having them respect you. I also realized I dump a lot of external stress on my kids when I get home so I learnt how to fix that.

DAY 10:

This lesson was so eye-opening for me. It  was about how accepting and taking complaints from my kids into consideration helps me become a better parent so I started paying more attention to what they had to say. My teenager especially appreciated that.

DAY 13:

I had a great lecture on how not to allow myself to get emotionally blackmailed by your children’s demands. Trust me, this comes in very handy. This was also my favorite lesson because they included how to turn your kid’s attention from too much technology use. A total lifesaver!

DAY 20:

For parents with kids who swear, this lesson helps you discover the power of boredom in solving the swearing issue. It also included a simple trick for getting kids to bed in 5 minutes that worked wonders for me.

DAY 24:

I especially loved today’s lesson because it solved a major issue in my household. I got valuable tips on how to get my children to cooperate with each other instead of fighting all the time. This was a total game-changer! It also helped me approach teaching my kids gratitude for all they have differently.

DAY 27:

I got a very profound lesson on how to create the optimum environment for my children to have the perfect childhood. The key is showing my kids I care while having fun at the same time.

My Verdict

Parenting Leader’s 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge is nothing short of life-changing for anyone seeking a better path for their children.

Now, I witness my teenager willingly emerging from his room to assist with chores without my prompting, and my younger ones are tucked into bed by 9:30 PM. It still feels like a miracle!

Something truly extraordinary occurred recently. Traditionally, my spouse would treat us to a birthday dinner, but thanks to my kids’ improved teamwork, they orchestrated a heartfelt surprise all on their own. The overwhelming joy brought tears to my eyes.

We’ve traversed a considerable distance in achieving a more harmonious household, all thanks to this transformative challenge. I finally feel like I’m parenting in the right direction for my kids, and for that, I am immensely grateful. I wholeheartedly endorse it!

Pros And Cons of the Parenting Leader Challenge

The lessons are about 5 minutes long so do not feel like a chore. They can easily fit right into your daily routine.It may not be a good fit for households where yelling stems from underlying issues like alcoholism or substance abuse.
The challenge embraces individuals of all backgrounds, age groups, and special needs. It truly offers something for everyone.It doesn’t work at the same rate for every household. Some require more patience and consistency to get better results than others.
The 4 bonuses are a wonderful and helpful addition. You get more value for less.
The app interface makes it easy to use and all you need is a mobile phone and internet connection to access all the resources. 
You have the flexibility to revisit all program materials, including completed lessons, an unlimited number of times to reinforce your learning.
The Parenting diary makes it very easy to evaluate your progress and restrategize for better results.
The program is super budget-friendly and the discount makes it more affordable for every family.
The 28-Day No-Yelling Challenge also makes for a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. You can purchase it for someone else, and the Parenting Leader will ensure it reaches them.

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