The Best Ways You Can Make Your Neighborhood Safer

The Best Ways You Can Make Your Neighborhood Safer

While you can successfully raise your children anywhere, many families choose to raise children in suburban neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are often thought of as safe choices with access to good schools and plenty of room for children to play and explore. However, crime and danger are everywhere, including in and around neighborhoods. If you want to make your neighborhood safer for your children and neighbors, here are the best ways todo so.

Install a Security System

A security system with warning signs that a security system in use is one of the best deterrents for crime in any area, including neighborhoods. You can choose from many security system options, including affordable alarms that stick onto windows and cameras that record and report in real-time. If a potential criminal knows that a camera is recording them or an alarm could draw undesired attention, they’ll skip the risk and go somewhere else.

Know Your Neighbors and Community

One of the most popular public security sayings is “See something, say something.” The problem with that saying is many people don’t know what they’re looking for. If you don’t know your neighbors or community, then you can’t know what’s suspicious or worthy of speaking on. Take a walk around your neighborhood and explore your larger community. Host and attend neighborhood and community events. Learn the names of the people closest to you, landlords in the area, and community leaders so you’ll notice what is out of place and whom to tell.

Exercise Caution While Driving

A big security concern in many neighborhoods is fast, dangerous drivers. Drive slowly and cautiously to set the bar for others and deter reckless drivers. A slower pace also gives you the opportunity to look around your neighborhood to notice if anything seems off. This is also a learning opportunity for your children when they’re in the car. Help them recognize safety signs, and try these safety sign lesson ideas for kids so they know what to look for when they’re not with you.

Take Care of Community and Personal Spaces

Unkept community and personal spaces offer more places for criminals to potentially hide, such as behind old, centralized mail units or in tall grass. Start a community initiative to clean up communal spaces and prioritize yard and home upkeep. Centralized mail units can improve neighborhood safety, especially new ones placed in well-lit areas that people can easily access. Short yards and maintained fences can improve safety as well, giving criminals fewer places to hide and protecting private spaces such as your backyard.

The best ways you can make your neighborhood safer are with community and personal initiatives that deter criminals and protect both public and private spaces. If you don’t see the initiatives you want in your neighborhood or community, then step up and lead the charge. Your children need you.

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