Fun Outdoor Games for Kids To Play in the Summer

Fun Outdoor Games for Kids To Play in the Summer
Fun Outdoor Games for Kids To Play in the Summer

Keeping kids entertained can be difficult. Luckily, once the weather gets warmer, you have all sorts of options for going outdoors.

Getting exercise, blowing off steam, and socializing with other kids can keep them busy all day long. Here are some fun outdoor games for kids to play in the summer.


Tag is a simple activity that doesn’t require any additional equipment. You simply need enough space, and you can set your kids loose. Playing tag allows young children to develop their motor skills while interacting with others.

You can play the game with different variations to keep kids occupied. Freeze tag, flashlight tag, and “Everyone’s It” are just a few of the most popular variations you should try. Set the ground rules, then set your kids loose so they can wear themselves out.

Gaga Ball

Gaga ball has become an increasingly popular activity for children throughout the world. It began as a camp activity and quickly spread as counselors and students brought the game home to their families. It’s played in an enclosed space and requires a foam ball that children can throw at one another.

The Gaga ball is tossed in the air to start the game, and players attempt to tag others out by hitting them below the knees. There are many variations of the game, so you have a few options available. Read up on the most frequently asked questions about Gaga ball to get a game going today.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is another enjoyable outdoor activity that can keep kids entertained all day. Hiding items and giving kids clues to find them exercises their physical and mental stamina. People of all ages can participate, making it a great game to play anytime.

Ensure you hide items in locations that are not too hard to find but also not too easy. The first to tick all the items off their list is the winner. You can set a time limit to ensure the game has a steady pace and doesn’t last too long.

Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

It’s easy to let children hang out inside on their phones or watch TV, but this can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. Encouraging kids to play outdoors in every season will keep them active throughout the year.

With a few fun outdoor activities for kids to play in the summer, you can make the most out of the warm weather.

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