20 Best Unicorn Books for Kids

Ready to sprinkle a little magic in your kiddo’s life? Why not pick up some unicorn books for kids and make that happen? There’s no better way to encourage the reader in your little toddler to come out than by handing over an exciting book that takes him on a journey into wonderland.

And if you’re on the hunt for some good books to choose from, here we’ve got 20 of the best ones listed right here to make it easy!

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top 20 unicorn books for kids

How to Catch a Unicorn by Adam Wallace

There’s a reason why this book is the New York Times bestseller! Packed with beautiful colourful illustrations and an easy rhyme, this one’s undoubtedly a great pick.

unicorn books for kids

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Unicorn by DK

If a simple board book is what you’re looking for, this one can be a great pick. This pop up book can help your little one explore the magical kingdom and meet colourful unicorns too!

I’m a Unicorn by Mallory Loehr

I’m a Unicorn is the perfect book for growing kids who have a love for magical creatures and fairy tales. This book is a tale from a unicorn’s point of view.

Fancy Nancy and the Quest for the Unicorn by Jane O’Connor

Packed with over 30 fun stickers to keep your kiddo entertained and busy, this book also has a fun story about unicorns and Nancy and Bree- the unicorn experts!

unicorn books for kids

Twinkle, Twinkle, Unicorn by Jeffrey Burton

And here’s another beautiful board book for all the young readers out there. It packs in a rhyme with a twist on the popular Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

Unicorns Are Real! by Holly Hatam

Unicorns Are Real is yet another fantastic board book you must get your hands on- it’ll lend your kiddo a glimpse into the dazzling and colourful world of unicorns.

Unicorn Day by Diana Murray

Perfect if you’re looking for unicorn books for kids that have a fun bedtime story too, Unicorn Day packs in a heartfelt message inside its glittery and bright pages.

A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young

A Unicorn Named Sparkle is a heartwarming tale of a little girl who waits for her unicorn to arrive, only to find that it isn’t what she imagined.

unicorn books for kids

Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey

Thelma the Unicorn is so much more than just another kid’s book. With a beautiful message about learning to accept who you are, it an excellent award winning pick you must get your hands on.

My Mom is Magical by Sabrina Moyle

A wonderful tribute to just how amazing moms are, My Mom is Magical is the perfect story of a unicorn and is great for young readers.

unicorn books for kids

Never Let a Unicorn Get Spots by Diane Alber

If you’re on the hunt for a unicorn themed book that also has a moral or a lesson, this is the one! It packs in a fun story about problem solving and persistence and has some beautiful pictures too!

Lana the Llama Who Wants to be a Unicorn by Sonica Ellis

This one’s another bestseller that’s not just a story about unicorns, but also offers a meaningful lesson about learning to love yourself before you love others.

Goodnight Unicorn by Karla Oceanak

If a magical fantasy bedtime story is what you’re looking for, this one is a good pick. Goodnight Unicorn is the perfect picture book for all unicorn lovers out there!

Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse

A wonderful story about unicorns, friendship and the power of faith, Uni the Unicorn is another top pick if you’re on the hunt for unicorn books for kids.

unicorn books for kids

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Perfect for younger readers, this one’s a book with a heartwarming story about a unicorn born into the family of Narwhals.

You Don’t Want a Unicorn by Ame Dyckman

This one’s a fun and interesting tale about a little boy who wishes to have a pet unicorn. What happens when he finds his wish come true is a super funny story!

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

This book celebrates the unusual friendship between a unicorn and a goat, and is another super colourful and picture packed book you just can’t go wrong with!

unicorn books for kids

That’s Not My Unicorn by Fiona Watt

This super sparkly touch and feel book is great for all the unicorn loving younger readers out there!

Unicorn (and Horse) by David W. Miles

Within the 48 pages of hilarious illustrations, your little one will find a heartwarming lesson- sometimes, we are horses, and other times, we are unicorns!

unicorn books for kids

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