The Best Insect Books For Preschoolers

The Best Insect Books For Preschoolers

It’s Spring and we have begun to see the insects, bugs and creepy crawlies come out. It’s so lovely to have the sun shining again. I thought winter would never end. My daughter and I are looking forward to spending more time in the garden and are planning to go on a bug hunt.

Today I have a fantastic list of children’s books about Insects. I hope you find something super useful. Enjoy.

kids books about insects

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Why Are Insects Important?

Insects are super important because they play a large role in supporting the environment and helping balance ecosystems. For example bees pollinate flowers and blossoms and help contril insect and plant pests. Some insects aerate the soil and act as decomposers. They help create top soil which is nutrient rich and vital for helping plants to grow.

What Is Bug Hunting?

Bug hunting is a fun activity you can do with the kids. Grab a bucket or a container and go outdoors on the search for bugs, insects and creepy crawlies. This can be super fun and you never know what insects you will find.

We have a free bug hunt printable at the end of this post if you’d like to extend kids learning and interest with the option to draw or write the insects they discover!

Children’s Books About Insects

So here is a list of the best books on insects. I really have enjoyed reading these books with the little ones and my daughter and I’m sure you will too.

Little Kids First Big Book Of Why

Backyard Bugs

The Bug Book

Brilliant Bugs

Bob And Otto

My Oh My A Butterfly

my oh my i'm a butterfly by dr seuss

Walters Wonderful Web

Are you a Ladybug?

What the Ladybird Heard

what the ladybird heard kids book

Ten Magic Butterflies

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

the very hungry caterpillar book

Ten Wriggly Wriggly Caterpillars

ten wriggly wiggly caterpillars book for preschool kids

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Ten Little LadyBugs

The Snail Who Forgot The Mail

Buzz Buzz Buzz Went The Bumble Bee

One is a Snail Ten Is A Crab

Worm Weather

Buzzy The Bumble Bee

buzzy the bumblebee

The Bee And Me

Check out this super cute recycled insects craft

Download Your Free Insects And Bugs Scavenger Hunt Printable Here!

Bug Hunt Printable

More fun book lists you may love!

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