The Best Princess Books For Kids To Read

Are you looking for princess books to read with your kids? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Today we are sharing some of the best princess books for toddlers and preschool children to enjoy.

Reading books are super beneficial for kids. Reading can help children to develop a multitude of key skills from developing the imagination to learning focus and concentration.

I’m a strong believer that kids learn better through interest based play and stories. Reading princess books to kids who love fairy tales and have an interest in princesses is a great way to get children engaged and learning whilst having fun.


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What Is A Princess?

When you think of a princess, you need to think of the daughter of a monarch. A princess is a real term used to rank. A princess is also known as the daughter of a queen or a king.

What Do You Call A Princess?

If you were to address a princess if she were to walk into a room, you would say, Her Royal Highness, Princess of (Name of Country).

5 Princess Activities To Do With Kids

Make a princess themed sensory bin. This could be a themed bin like a Disney Frozen sensory bin or simply be a general sensory bin for any princess.

Write a letter to a princess. You can write to a UK Princess for example have the kids write to the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine also known as Kate Middleton. It would be a fun activity a great way to practice writing skills and you never know, you may get a reply.

Why not try making a princess wand or a crown! Princess crafts can be super fun and there are plenty of great ideas out there! Check out this DIY princess tiara craft over on the Monkey and Mouse blog.

One of my favourite ideas for a princess themed activity would be to role play. Role play is a great way to get the imagination going and who doesn’t like to dress up as a princess?

Finally why not try making some princess playdough? Find a playdough recipe and add princess colours, sparkles and more and have fun with the little ones building a playdough kingdom!

Heck you could even create playdough dresses for your favourite dolls and make them into princesses for the day! The options are endless.

The Best Princess Story Book List For Kids

So here are some fantastic story books all about princesses. These books are great for a range of ages and include both traditional, Disney princess and toddler princess stories.

I’m sure you will find some real treasures in this list of princess books for kids. Enjoy!

Today I’ll Be A Princess

today i'll be a princess a kids book about princesses

The Princess and the Pea

the princess and the pea book about princesses

Sleeping Beauty

sleeping-beauty story book for kids

Belle Beauty And The Beast

beauty and the beast story book for kids

Good Night Princess

good night princesses story book for kids

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?

princesses have best friends forever kids books on princesses

The Perfect Tea Party

sofia and the tea party princess book for kids

Not All Princesses Dress In Pink

not all princesses dress in pink a book about princesses

Princesses Wear Pants

princesses-wear-pants a kids book about princesess

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

do princesses wear hiking boots childrens book on princesses

The Paper Bag Princess

the paper bag princess book about princesses

The Princess And The Pony

the princess and the pony kids book on princesses

My Princess Boy

my princess boy a book about princesses

The Water Princess

the water princess book about princesses for kids

Princess Potty

princess potty kids book about princesses

Goodnight Princess

goodnight princess kids books about princesses

The Fairy Princess

the very fairy princess book for kids

Twenty Six Princesses

twenty six princesses story book for kids

Part Time Princess

part-time-princess kids book about princesses

Princess Truly

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