Adorable Valentines Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

19 Adorable Valentines Day Card Ideas for Kids to Make

Get ready for the classroom valentine exchange with these adorable Valentines Day cards for kids to make. These are way more fun and personal than the store-bought cards, and you’ll find options for every skill level, from tot to teen. Not only will the kids get in some great fine motor practice with painting, cutting, and folding, but they’ll learn new art techniques like tie-dying and layering.

Valentines Day Card Ideas For Little Ones

In addition to valentines that are perfect for friends, we’ve rounded up some beautiful cards to send to grandparents, aunts, and uncles who will love the handprint, fingerprint, and footprint keepsakes. Moms and dads will love them, too, so make sure you add them to your scrapbook when the holiday is over.

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Cute Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids to Make

Choose one or more of these kid-made valentines to make with your kiddos to make February 14th extra special this year. Start on them early! Handmade valentines take more time, but they’re so worth the effort!

Unicorn Valentines Day Card

Unicorn Valentines from The Inspiration Edit:

These colorful unicorn valentines are just magical. The tie-dyed bun cases (or cupcake liners) add so much gorgeous color the card. Younger children will need help cutting out the unicorn shape, but older kids can make this card independently.

Robot Valentines Day Card

Robot Valentines from I Heart Crafty Things:

If you’re looking for a boy-friendly valentine, this robot card is perfect (though girls love it, too)! The wonderful thing about this craft is that it’s made from simple shapes, so it’s easy for little hands to cut.

Monster Valentines Card

Monster Valentines from The Inspiration Edit:

This adorable little monster isn’t scary at all! This card is an excellent choice for kids who don’t like the overly-lovey valentines. What a cute card to send to a friend!

Tiger Valentines Day Card

Tiger Handmade Valentine Card from Simple Everyday Mom:

Elementary-aged kids can make this valentine by themselves thanks to the simple printable template with all the shapes needed to put this craft together. It’s a grrreat valentine for a friend!

Owl Valentines Day Card

Owl Valentines from Fireflies and Mud Pies:

The adorable owl template makes this card easy for little ones. While painting the cards is half the fun, kids will have a hoot of a time choosing which owl pun to give to which friend.

Heart Shaped Puppy Dog Valentines Card

Heart-Shaped Puppy Card from Artsy Momma:

This heart-shaped puppy is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day that you want to tell someone how “paw-some” they are. Tots and preschoolers may need help drawing their heart shapes, but older children can make this all by themselves.

Finger Print Valentines Card

Easy Valentine Finger Paint Card from Little Fish:

Create a whimsical heart balloon card by using fingerprints as the balloon’s colorful backdrop. This is a fun one to make with toddlers. They can do the finger painting portion, and you can do the rest!

Handprint Valentines Card

Handprint Valentine from The Best Ideas for Kids:

Parents and grandparents love seeing those little handprints in keepsake form, so put those hands to use to create a sweet handprint valentine with the kids. You’ll love looking back on it in the future and remembering how small they were.

Cactus Valentines Day Card

Cactus Valentines from Red Ted Art:

Flowers and hearts may be traditional for Valentine’s Day, but these cacti cards are so much fun! You’ll find lots of cactus puns to add to the cards to make the recipients giggle. These cards are a great way to recycle old cardboard boxes, but you could also make them from cardstock.

Heart Bear Valentines Card

Heart Bear Valentine from Easy Peasy and Fun:

This bear-y cute card is made entirely out of heart shapes (except for the eyes). This would be a perfect valentine to assemble in the classroom. It’s made from simple materials, and you could even pre-cut the shapes if you only have a short time to complete them.

Boom Box Valentines Day Card

Boom Box Valentines from Giggles Galore:

These colorful little boomboxes sure bring back memories! Though the days of giving someone a mixtape of love songs are long gone, any tween who’s into the retro 80s style will love giving these valentines to their friends.

Bee My Valentine Card

Bee Valentine Card from NonToy Gifts:

Little footprints make bee-utiful valentines. This has so many fun elementsófrom the bright colors to the heart-shaped pipe cleaner antennae.

Heart Flower Valentines Day Card

Heart Flower Cards from Powerful Mothering:

Layered hearts are used to create gorgeous flowers on the front of these cards. Kids will get lots of fine motor practice cutting and placing the hearts.

Love Bug Valentines from Kids Activities Blog:

Create a little caterpillar love bug card with your little love bug. It doesn’t get much simpler than this valentine. If you don’t have a heart-shaped punch, you can always download a heart template and cut out the heart shapes by hand or use heart-shaped stickers.

Love Bug Valentines Day Cards

Confetti Valentines Card

Confetti Valentines from Design Improvised:

You’ll love how simple these cards are to make! You can punch out your confetti or buy the pre-made stuff. Create the design in glue, cover it in confetti, and you’ve got a beautiful valentine for someone special.

Dinosaur Thumbprint Valentines Card

Dinosaur Thumbprint Cards from Fun Handprint Art:

These dinosaur cards make dino-mite valentines for family or friends. Grandparents will especially love receiving these little thumbprint keepsakes to keep in their scrapbooks.

Fingerprint Valentines Day Card

Fingerprint Valentine Cards from The Best Ideas for Kids:

Speaking of fingerprints, these valentines are just darling! With three different designs to choose from, kids will have a blast making these for their friends. The letter stickers make it easy for kids to add a fun message even if their handwriting is still developing.

Hedgehog Valentine from Fireflies and Mud Pies:

Use the printable template to make this happy little hedgehog covered in hearts.

Hedgehog Valentines Day Card

Llama Valentines Day Card

Llama Valentine from Simple Everyday Mom:

Llamas are still very trendy, so this would be a cute choice for Valentine’s Day. The mini pom-pom embellishments add a nice touch!

Pin this list of kid-made Valentines to come back to next year. Many of them are also perfect for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day!

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