Easy Paper Turkey Craft For Kids

Thanksgiving is around the corner and today we have this fantastic fun and easy thanksgiving turkey craft which is perfect for young children. If you’re looking for a fun paper turkey craft idea then look no further! This craft is a great hands on activity for kids and is a good way to teach the power of gratefulness and thanksgiving.

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five tips for teaching kids about gratitude

Teaching children to be thankful and have gratitude is a fantastic idea and one you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving celebrations.

You may want to have a special mat time to talk about the things we are blessed with and the things we are grateful for.

Teach children to give and to share. When we have plenty or more than we need it is good to share with those less fortunate than ourselves. Maybe collect cans of food for the poor or come up with ideas on ways to help those in need.

Use this season as an opportunity to promote kindness and love towards one another. Kindness comes hand in hand with thanksgiving and you could try some activities based on the theme of kindness.

Create a game where you have to think of different things you are grateful for. Start with the alphabet letter A and come up with one idea for each letter.

kids thanksgiving turkey craft idea


SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR this easy turkey craft

Here are the basic supplies needed for this simple turkey craft idea.


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Begin by downloading the turkey template. Print out the different pieces yo’ll need and cut out the turkey body parts ready to assemble.

Assemble your paper turkey and use the glue stick to glue the pieces together. It’s a simple and fun activity and one the little ones will love to get involved in. You can print the template out on white paper if you choose to allow the kids to pick their own colors whilst creating their thanksgiving turkeys!

Once done, you are ready to glue the turkey to a prompt card. Get the kids to talk about all the things they are grateful and thankful for and use this activity to teach the true meaning of thanksgiving.

thanksgiving turkey paper craft

your all ready to display the wonderful art work and prompts created by the kids on your Thanksgiving wall! Enjoy!

Download Your Turkey Template Here!

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