The Best Paper Flower Crafts For Kids

If you love bright, vibrant colors and pretty flowers, you’re going to love this list of paper flower crafts. We have something here for all ages, from simple flowers for toddlers and preschoolers to more advanced designs for older kids. These paper flower crafts involve folding, cutting, gluing, and assembling, so you can be sure that your kids will get plenty of fine motor practice.

Use these paper flower crafts to embellish frames, wreaths, or cards for someone special. Make garlands of flowers, or add stems to create bouquets that will last for years instead of mere days.

Ready to get started? Pick a few flowers from our list!

Paper Flower Crafts for All Ages

Paper Sunflowers from The Inspiration Edit:

This is a fun take on sunflowers! They’re absolutely gorgeous with layers of petals. They’d look gorgeous on a summer wreath to hang above your mantle or on your door.

Lavender Paper Flowers from Emma Owl:

These paper lavender flowers will look beautiful on the front of a card. If you have some lavender essential oil, you could even place a drop or two on the stem under the purple petals to make it smell like real lavender!

Origami Tulips from Red Ted Art:

Kids who love origami will get a kick out of making a trio of tulips for spring. If you glue the flower and the stem together, you could use these as origami bookmarks to save your pages in your spring reads.

Paper Heliconia Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Did you know that heliconias are known as “lobster-claws?” They do kind of have that appearance, don’t they? But these tropical flowers are just beautiful in person. Enjoy a little bit of paradise right at home by making your own paper heliconias.

3D Paper Tulips from I Heart Crafty Things:

The brightly colored tulips pop off the page, thanks to the 3D design. The leaves that are slightly folded at the tips add to the 3D effect as well. This would make a beautiful card for Mom.

Paper Crocuses from Moms and Crafters:

Crocuses are a symbol of youthfulness and cheerfulness, so why not add a little cheer to your day by making a bundle of paper crocuses to brighten your room? They’re made with a medium-weight cardstock, so they’ll hold up really well over time.

Spiral Paper Flowers from Emma Owl:

Kids can practice their scissor skills with these whimsical spiral-cut flowers. The flowers pop off the page.

Crumpled Paper Sunflower from Homeschool Preschool:

The template makes it so easy for kids to figure out how to place the pieces of crumpled paper. While sunflowers are yellow and brown, let your imaginations run wild to create sunflowers of all sorts of different colors. Crumpling the paper is excellent fine motor practice for little ones.

Daisy Paper Flower Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Daisies are such happy flowers. Make your own in a myriad of colors following the easy step-by-step directions. What a fun craft for spring!

Handprint Flower Bouquet from Non-Toy Gifts:

Moms or teachers would love a bouquet of handprint flowers from their kids. They’ll last a lot longer than real flowers, but they’ll look gorgeous in a vase.

Crepe Paper Calla Lily from Artsy Craftsy Mom:

Crepe paper crafts are such fun because of the paper’s interesting texture. Make these calla lilies by rolling and wrapping crepe paper resulting in beautiful flowers that would make a lovely gift for someone.

Hyacinth Paper Flowers from The Inspiration Edit:

Making the loops for this hyacinth craft is so fun for little ones. They’d look beautiful on the front of a handmade card for Mom.

Paper Flower Wreath from Artsy-Fartsy Mama:

This paper flower wreath is certainly gift-worthy, but you’ll want to make one for yourself, too. Adapt the colors to the seasons—oranges, yellows, and reds for fall, pastels for spring, and so on.

3D Paper Flower Craft from Non-Toy Gifts:

Make one of these 3D flowers for Mom, Grandma, or a neighbor! You could also make a trio of them to hang in your home for spring. Use the template to trace out the pieces, and use any colors you’d like to make a lovely flower that practically leaps off the page.

Dahlia Paper Flower Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

This flower craft will give kids a chance to work on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through shaping and placing the conical petals.

Paper Tulip Craft for Kids from The Craft Train:

Make a woven basket full of tulips to get into the spirit of spring. The template makes cutting everything so easy, and weaving the basket offers kids fine motor practice.

Painted Paper Flowers from 123 Homeschool 4 Me: 

Grab your favorite paint colors to begin this craft. Kids can decorate their pages with paintbrushes or fingerprinting. Once the paint is dry, cut out the petals, and assemble your flowers.

Spring Paper Flower Craft from The Inspiration Edit: 

Make a bouquet of these simple flowers for spring. They’re cute, easy, and so colorful!

Flower Corner Bookmarks from Red Ted Art:

Embellish your basic origami corner bookmark with a smiling flower. I can’t decide which version is my favorite—all three are so charming.

Printable Paper Daffodils from The Craft Train:

All you need are some craft sticks and your printer to create these pretty daffodils. Make one for someone special today!

4th of July Paper Flowers from The Inspiration Edit:

Get in touch with your patriotic side by making some gorgeous 4th of July paper flowers for Independence Day. Use them to decorate your tables for your celebrations!

Crepe Paper Peony from Moms and Crafters:

Peonies are rather simple flowers to make with crepe paper, so this craft is perfect for beginners and older children. Wouldn’t they look amazing in the corner of a big photo frame for embellishment?

Summer Paper Flower Craft from The Inspiration Edit:

Make these summery flowers with looped petals and spiral centers in no time flat. The finished product is so lovely.

Cupcake Case Flower Garland from The Craft Train:

This flower garland will look fantastic on your mantle, doorway, or window. It’s made entirely with cupcake liners, double stick tape, string, and duct tape.

Paper Poinsettia from Moms and Crafters:

When Christmas comes around, paper poinsettias need to be on your holiday crafting list! Use them to decorate wreaths, embellish gifts, or add to your tables for a little holiday cheer.

What’s your favorite flower? Do you enjoy making paper versions?

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