monster books for kids

Books are a great way to help growing children learn about important concepts and ideas, and even develop a familiarity with different things, and if it is monsters on your mind, getting your hands on some monster picture books could be a good idea.

Adding a few monster books to your toddler’s collection can not just help boost his vocabulary, but can also help him tackle his fears of the ‘monster under the bed’ or ‘in the closet’ which a lot of growing children struggle with.

And here’s helping you with just that. Read on to discover some of the best monster books for kids you can get your hands on.

monster books for kids

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Children’s Monster Books To Read Together

Time to dive right into it folks! Here are the best monster books to get your hands on, and read together.

Never Touch a Monster

Never Touch a Monster is the perfect monster themed book to introduce to your little one. It is a touch and feel book that has a funny rhyme and storyline to promote the love for reading in your toddler.

Never touch a monster

How to Catch a Monster

One of the biggest bestsellers, this one has some of the most beautiful and colorful illustrations. Another must have!

how to catch a monster

There’s a Monster in Your Book

This one’s another super interactive and interesting book for early readers, and features an adorable little monster.

The Joy of Cookies: Cookie Monster’s Guide to Life

You will love this Cookie monster book which shares the cookie monsters guide to life!

Monsters Love Underpants

A super funny and playful picture book for kids. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Hey, That’s MY Monster!

This monster under the bed story has won several awards- and hearts!

Love Monster

With cute illustrations and interesting storyline, Love Monster will keep your little one hooked!

Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing Vs. Bullying

Tease Monster is the perfect book for elementary students- centered around helping them understand the difference between teasing and bullying.

Today I’m a Monster

Today I’m a Monster is an excellent children’s book that has a great message. It talks about anger and tolerance.

Birthday Monsters!

With rhyming text and super fun illustrations, Birthday Monsters is another good choice when you’re looking for monster books for kids.

The Monster at the End of This Book

The grover monster book is a great one to read with kids and one I enjoyed reading to my daughter when she was younger.

The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings

This monster book for kids is a great way to talk about emotions and feelings in a fun and easy manner.

My Monster Farts

This is a super funny monster book all about a monster who farts! Need I say any more!

Glad Monster, Sad Monster

Glad monster, sad monster is a children’s monster book that talks about feelings and this is a great way to encourage children to do the same!

Monsters, Inc. Read-Along Storybook and CD

If you love Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc, then you will enjoy this Monsters Inc read-along story book. It tells the story of the Disney movie and it’s one the kids will love.

The Tantrum Monster

This monster story is about a sulky monster who likes to tantrum. Lessons can be learnt from this toddler book and the illustrations are super cute.

Tickle Monster Book

The tickle monster book is a fun book and one kids will relate to if they have a tickle monster in their life. Enjoy this monster story book today!

Don’t Touch This Book!

The kids will love this monster book. It’s super entertaining and engaging and one you can read over and over again.

Monsters Get Scared of the Dark, Too

This is a great book about monster being scared of the dark. Monsters don’t have to be scary and have feelings, worries and fears too!

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monster books for kids

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