21 Sweet and Silly Monster Crafts

21 Sweet and Silly Monster Crafts for Kids

When we think of monsters, we typically think of the scary kinds you see at Halloween. But you don’t have to wait until October to enjoy these adorable, not-at-all-scary monster crafts for kids. They’re fun all year round!

If your little ones are fans of monster-themed books like Love Monster or the I Need My Monster series of books, these crafts pair perfectly with them. And if you’re throwing a monster-themed party, you’ll also find several fun ideas that would make great decorations or party favors.

The beautiful thing about monster crafts is that there’s no right or wrong way to make a monster. No matter what sort of fun shape or blob you end up with, adding a mouth, eyes, arms, and legs will yield a hilariously cute monster that your little one can proudly show off.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your little monsters, and get started on one of these projects right away!

cute monster crafts for kids

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Sweet and Silly Monster Crafts for Kids

Rock Monsters from The Inspiration Edit:

Do your kids love rock painting? It’s so fun to paint and hide rocks or give them as gifts. They also make great paperweights for friends and family! People would be delighted to find these not-so-scary monsters hidden in fun places!

Felt Monsters from The Inspiration Edit:

This would be a fun activity to do with preschoolers and toddlers. If you don’t glue the pieces, they can mix and match eyeballs, mouths, etc. to create loads of different monsters! The template makes it easy to cut and create these.

Monster Treat Bags from The Inspiration Edit:

Although these were designed for Valentine’s Day, they’d make great treat bags for a monster-themed birthday party or a Halloween party.

Monster Pencil Toppers from Moms and Crafters:

Use the easy templates to create some pencil toppers for the kids. These would make fun party favors, but any time you can dress up a pencil, that makes writing so much more enjoyable! If your kids aren’t into sewing projects, you could probably make these using craft glue to keep the felt together, too.

Tissue Box Monsters from The Best Ideas for Kids:

Recycle tissue boxes by turning them into cute monsters! The hole that the tissue comes through makes the perfect monster mouth, doesn’t it?

Yarn Monsters from Blue Bear Wood:

This would be a great project to use up some scrap yarn if you have any. We love all the different variations you can get just from pipe cleaners, yarn, and sticker eyes.

Monster Eyeball Picture Frame from Simplistically Living:

Transform an ordinary wooden frame into a monster frame with some colorful paint and lots of googly eyes. It’s the perfect thing to frame a picture of your little monster.

Ping Pong Ball Monsters from Kids Activities Blog:

Turn ping pong balls, rubber balls, etc. into round monsters with a little help from paint, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. They remind me of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc!

Paper Plate Monsters from Simple Everyday Mom:

Paper plate crafts are frugal and fun, and they’re suitable for all ages. These brightly colored monsters will be a blast to play with. Your kids can hold them up to their faces and roar and growl like little monsters when they’re done.

Monster Blow Painting from Adventure in a Box:

Have you ever tried blow painting? It’s a fun painting technique for kids. It involves blowing paint around on the paper using a straw to see what kinds of interesting shapes you can come up with. It worked out perfectly for monsters!

Pom-Pom Monsters from Natural Beach Living:

These little monsters are easy enough for toddlers and preschoolers to put together without much help. Plus, they’re soft and fuzzy and fun to play with.

Popsicle Stick Monster Bookmarks from Darcy and Brian:

Any little bookworm who’s into chapter books now needs a few bookmarks on hand. These cute monster bookmarks are great for spooky reads!

Potato Print Monsters from Artsy Craftsy Mom:

Kids as young as toddlers can create with potato stamps, so turn those round shapes into adorable monsters with a few extra touches.

Paint Smash Monster Puppets from I Heart Crafty Things:

Paint smashing is another excellent process art technique for kids because you never know what the end product will look like. The resulting colorful blobs were turned into fun monster puppets that’ll be perfect for acting out your favorite monster-themed books.

Printable Monster Puppets from Picklebums:

These printable monster puppets are terrific for toddlers who aren’t really into the crafting phase yet. They can still get lots of pretend playtime out of them. It’s an excellent option for daycare and preschool classes.

Monster Pegs from The Craft Train:

You’ll find so many uses for these cute and fun monster pegs. Clip them onto your child’s backpack. Add magnets and put them on the fridge. Clip them to favor bags at a monster-themed party. You get the idea!

Cardboard Tube Monsters from The Joy of Sharing:

Making monsters from toilet paper tubes is easy and fun for all ages, and you can get a great variety of monsters simply by changing out the paper colors, mouths, and eyeballs.

Twirling Paper Monsters from Crafts by Amanda:

Hang these twirly, whirly monsters in your home or classroom. They make amusing party decorations!

Paper Straw Monsters from Crafts by Ria:

Colorful paper straws sure make adorable monsters! They’d look great sticking out of a birthday cake, wouldn’t they?

Fuzzy Monster Bookmarks from Kids Craft Room:

Use faux fur to create some fuzzy, furry bookmarks for the kids. These bookmarks would make great gifts or donations to your local library.

Monster Themed Name Craft from The Educator’s Spin On It:

How amazing would these look on a dresser or nightstand in your kid’s room? This craft will be enjoyed for months!

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cute monster crafts for kids

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