Valentine’s Day STEM Activities: 3 Dimensional Heart

Valentines Day Stem projects can be super fun for the little ones!

Whether you’re looking for Valentines day classroom activities or a fun STEM project to do in the home, this 3 Dimensional heart project is sure to be a big hit with the kids.

Supplies Needed For This Valentines Day Activity

For the Optional Challenge:

Additional straws and marshmallows

valentines day stem activity supplies

How To Create This Valentines Day Project

Instruct the children to build a 3-dimensional heart using the marshmallows and straws.

If the children struggle to construct the heart, mention that it is easier to build one heart first by connecting the longer (half-cut) straws into the marshmallows.

making a valentines day stem project

Using the marshmallows as a joint between straws. The straws may need to be twisted while pushing into the marshmallows to make them stick.

Then, push the shorter straws (third-cut) vertically into each marshmallow. This creates the supports for the second layer.

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity

Children should continue building the second layer by pushing marshmallows onto each vertical straw and then connecting the marshmallows with horizontal straws.

Valentine’s Day STEM Activities 3 dimensional heart

Optional: Once the hearts are built, challenge the children to make the structures more stable without instructions.

Valentine’s Day STEM Activity

If multiple children are each constructing their own heart, test to see who has the strongest heart by picking them up or by placing paper on top one sheet at a time.

Optional: Challenge the children to create a smaller or larger heart using the same methods.

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